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Zhang is from two very experienced underground workers,Dong Hao is the old guerrillator,Previously also been a traffic officer,Strong resilience。

Fu Yingxue also explained to them.、Tang Rui’s situation,And let them put SONG Jian Ouyang Jianping probably looks and liaison signal told them。
See the paper vessel with a hundred yuan in the table,Plus SONG Jian Zhang Li and Dong Sheng understanding,Also immediately ready money out of your pocket paper boat。
After the signal for,Zhang said from the very unhappy:“Mr. Ku,We are waiting for you for many days!”
Song Jian quickly said:“sorry,We ask something delayed late!”
“Mr. Ku,We now found an important message,Chen Nad and some pilots in the south of Kunming!”
Sakai ancient chestnut rice see straight month long look at themselves,Hurry:“We know this place,There are no other news?”
“We also found,The airport is just Chennault training base in Yunnan,They also elsewhere,Where we are still specific investigation,The determination is not too far from the Kunming。”
“It is also within Kunming?”
“Certainly not,Nor in Yunnan Province,According to our judgment should be in Sichuan,A very secluded place or Hunan, Guangxi province three。”
“This message is from you where to get?”
“Yun’s aide there heard it,Two days ago they went to visit the airport。”
“Now you know what the situation at the airport?”Wine Well Lift,
“I heard that the airport is now only the Chennault and some American pilots and mechanics,Chinese pilots and ground doctors don’t know where to go?,Guess is transferred to the new secret training base to go。”
“No wonder can’t contact these days.,What activities do they have Chen Nad??”
“Listen to the high deputy officials,Chennault for confidentiality,He has already established a flight training base elsewhere.,And there is already operational,This is just a superior base.,They will leave for a few days。”
“Is there any other news??”
“There’s nothing the other。”
Heaven is straight:“You are doing very well,Continue to ask the message,We must know the recent intelligence of Chen Nard and the airport.。”
“it is good,Tomorrow we will go to the high pleasure of seeing adjutant。” “please!”
The ancient times long saw that Zhang and Dong Wei know that Da Yan brought some acts.,Sister should also know that now want to know Sakai chestnut rice in the end they are doing,He has given this information with a paper vessel.。
Go back on the way back,Ancient month:“Anything else you want to know?”
“We can not personally talk to the adjutant high?”Wine Well Lift,
“This is certainly not!”
“You are worried that they will be vigilant.?”
“That is for sure,We must put all the risks now,Which two are Chinese,Their loyal three tails have already tested,So they do things you only have to worry。”Heaven is straight,
Wine Wine’s Rice also knows that it is indeed a certain risk in seeing the high officer.,Say:“You said that I am very relieved.。”
“What should we do next??”Ancient month,
“Go back and say!”
Back stronghold,Gu Yue Long Straight Sakai found Asaka,Hashimoto volunteer,Jichuan mulk is。
“Wine captain!What’s new findings do?”Jichuan Mark,
“Now there is a little bit of change we need to verify,According to three generals who sent survey,Kunming airport not all,Important training base here simply do not。”Wine Yihu,
“what!not here!That we have prepared so many days is it futile yet?”Takeo Yoshikawa said.,
“It is not futile,Because our goal is to assassinate Chennault,It can now be determined that he is still in Kunming Airport.,So our actions as usual。”
“Hey!What action as usual,Can you talk to us about!”Gu Yue Long Straight said.,