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But from here,I won’t talk about other things for now。

At this moment,Wei Shasha slowly raised her head and stared at her。
For these things,Wei Shasha’s heart,How could it be unclear?
And see here,Wei Shasha said subconsciously。
“but,From now on,The opportunity is just right。”
“As for,How to solve it,at this point,Really a tricky thing!”
When Wei Shasha finished,At this point Wang Teng finally understood what was going on。
but,After hearing Wei Shasha finished,Wang Teng also felt more and more,Such a thing,Does give people a very tricky feeling。
in spite of,Wang Teng really thinks so。
But for such things,Wang Teng didn’t think there was any problem。
“Rest assured,Such a thing,I already know,What should I do。”
When Wang Teng looked at him subconsciously,The more so,In fact, it looks like Wang Teng,deep in the heart,Even more for such things,Already know very well。
And looking at these,at this time,In front of Wang Teng,Wei Shasha see here,Somewhat curious。
“Then,What are you going to do?”
in fact,Wei Shasha’s heart,Even more curious。
but,Look at Wang Teng again,Obviously made up his mind,I won’t say anything later。
and so,Even if Wei Shasha’s heart,Have any worries,She is still very clear in her heart。
http://www.360jzfw.cnrest assured,Of course it was solved in a man’s way。”