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In deep,It is Xuanqi,Sometimes。

Changes in each node,It seems to evolve endless mystery。
So that the martial arts of the five products in the summer can’t understand。
but,Before,He also didn’t calm down the heart to wear and closed the customs.。
Because since it gets the jade order,One of them,Enlifting Taiji Nine Steps,He has no time to turn off。
“I hope I can have aware.。”
Deep breathing,Summer only leaves a warning and induction。
All huge ideas,Have a sacrifice。
He has a feeling,This array is afraid of our own enlightenment,Also have a lot to him。
The huge mind begins to crazy。
He wants to crack the mystery with his own crowded knowledge violent。
I do not know how long it has been,After another, endless duplications,Summer temporarily extract all the condensation,Sighted。
揉 揉 揉 揉,Immediately,Restore your heart。
In his dupment,This super big array under stars,It seems not an array。
Instead of countless big array,With a stateless state,It is forced to knead together。
Messless,But thousands of silk。
Summer is not able to care,Can’t find the law at all。
For a long time,Heart recovery,Summer 揉 揉 揉,Bite tooth,I will enter the jade again.,Carry out。
So,Ten days have passed。
At this day,Summer fierce open eyes。
He felt a wire fluctuation,Someone is calling。
Mind,A whisper is quietly spread,I quickly saw the figure of standing in the edge of Dongdian。
Summer eyes,Immediate mismuth,Neck,A touch of blue light,Gaiping is shrouded。
Her figure is in the same place,Appeared in front of summer。 “elder brother,I am back。”
Summer nice head,“How?”
These ten days,The powerful mind did not appear again.。
Make a reason,The other party is very likely to leave,But I don’t dare to know in the summer.。
“elder brother,Outside。”
Yafei double eyes,“These days,All are talking about the Tongtian,I have got a message,Some people saw the other party to transfer to Tiantai Star,But the other party has not left,It is said that the people in Tiantai City have all war.,Atmosphere does not dare to breathe。”
Summer eyes,Heart climb becomes heavy。
This is not good news。
Maybe the other party really has the ability to capture his residual breath fluctuations。
Press these ideas,Summer road,“Did God bought?。”
“Bought,But it is hard to get the product,I only bought 10,000 Chinese products.,Quality is not bad,The energy inside is also very pure and powerful。”
Toned,Yafu,“In addition to 10,000 yuan of China,Also bought twenty-eight million items,elder brother,Your fifty thousand are spent。”
“good,Didn’t pay attention。”
Summer speaking room,Fist,Refers to the storage ring and Yafu’s storage ring。