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“Make a good time,I heard that the little girl lived alone in the mountain.,The eyes are not good,Ugh,Histed for so many years,She is afraid that there is no one who talks.。”
Old gland has already fired,Red mortar,Black casserole,He sits on the bamboo bench,Ask the age of a week,Learn,Then talk about some external things。
Zhou Sheng said around。
Stop flooding only the small house in the middle,Only three respect,Zhou can only guess,can not recognize。Next to a place where it should be old,Open door,I can see an old eight fairy table.,Nothing on the table,A simple sword is hung on the wall。There is also a house being a staple firewood.,Next to the firewood is a very small house,Chimney。
Very poor life,Very quiet。
But different from Zheng Yungui,Old view is very casual,Zheng Yuki is a little girl,Even in the mountain,She also has some way http://www.jzessz.cnto make themselves exquisite。
Her small yard is born with flowers,Grain,Tolera and cherry,The fruit tree after the house is more。
Jujube tree on the mountain。
Zhou shook his head smiled,Just a few days,He actually felt that he liked the yard.。
The firewood in the small stove is very slow.,Old Guanlan picking up a saten man in time,I will bid farewell to him.。
Just walking out a few steps,The old view is called him.。
Turn back,I saw the old view of the main look up to him.,Eye is half-eyed,Look very small,It seems that the elderly are like this.。
“I really have those ghost monsters in this world.?”
Zhou Sir,Uncomfortable to the small temple。
Go back,I will see the old view of the main look.,Pending his hand:“Thank you,Slowly walk,It’s easy to heat stroke。”
The old demon on the small temple laughed with him.。
Zhou Zhiyu,Turning around the next mountain、Several steps disappeared in front of the old view。
This monster is not too cold.
Chapter 39 Set the flag
Down the mountain,Zhou Zhi-off pace is open,I have a boutique, a few points of truth.。
序 station on a tree in front,Because the weather is good,He looked,Can see heavy mountains,And the small town in the valley is a white。
“Let’s go,I have to pass through that town.,That town is called……What is the town??”
“Xiaoping Town。”
“its not right,Nangang left before,What is it??”
“good,Eat it again。”
“What are you talking about?~~”
“I contact the nano?”
“Then I am?”
“So, the two is known as the mountain.。”
“okay,do not worry,My acting is super good!”The bloom is blooming when it is on the face.,He no longer gods,Turn and jump between trees and trees,One-stop。
“Have you eaten a jumping sugar??”