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And another strong sanctuary smiled and nodded in greeting,He is a seemingly young magician with long tawny hair,Is one of the disciples of the high priest,Carlos。

“Master Carlos,Mr. Keqia。”Wright and Cecilia also nodded slightly。
This Carlos is a disciple of the high priest,And it’s an early disciple,Although his strength is far inferior to the Miao Deqiang whom Wright met back then,But also lived for thousands of years,It’s the pinnacle of the sanctuary,The strength is about the same as the iron wall sword saint of the Puang Empire.,Is an external speaker under the high priest。
As for Keqia, the sanctuary warrior,Strength can only be regarded as an ordinary sanctuary,The status is also much lower。But because he serves as a royal worship all year round,It also represents the royal family of the Magnolia Empire。
The two greet each other,It’s also a kind of respect for Wright’s strength。
After all, even if you don’t count the god-level powerhouse who has left the Yulan Continent,Wright is now also faintly counted as the strongest in the sanctuary,The status is naturally much higher than ordinary sanctuary。
Of course for this,Carlos still doubts whether Wright is the opponent of the big brother Mudd under the high priest。
but,At least Carlos must treat Wright and Cecilia more respectfully.。Is Wright’s wife,The Dragon Blood Warrior Cecilia,Carlos is far from an opponent。
The street is certainly not a place to talk,Kaiqia is a famous sanctuary powerhouse in the imperial capital,Bring Wright into a mansion on Beihai Street,This mansion is a Beppu of the imperial family,Is specially used to entertain the strong of the sanctuary。
The four had a conversation,The peak powerhouse in the peak of the sanctuary like Wright enters Magnolia City,Both are very concerned。Just like Carlos,Although the responsibility of guarding Magnolia City,But the temple of life behind him is very detached,Even if Wright wants to do something,He doesn’t care too much。
But Keqia is very concerned,He is a staunch supporter of the royal side of Magnolia,Of course I want to have a good relationship with Wright,Even win Wright。
Both of them quickly asked about Wright and Cecilia’s coming.,However, both of them are considered to deal with mundane affairs among the strong in the sanctuary.,It’s a long-sleeved dance,Asking is also very skillful,Not annoying。
When Wright explained the purpose of coming to Magnolia City,Just a tourist passing by,By the way‘Look up something’when,Although the two did not show,But I was relieved in my heart。
Carlos figured out Wright’s purpose,I accompany you and said something,Then leave。And Keqia said he could help Wright。
“Lord Wright,Our Magnolia City has the largest collection of books on the mainland,It’s most convenient for you to check some information。”
“There are three largest collections in Magnolia City,One is the No. 1 Magic Academy in Mainland China‘Magnolia College’’S library,The second is the secret library of the imperial royal family,Three,Naturally under the high priest。”Keqia accompanied all the way,Tell Wright all the way。
quickly,He led Wright and Cecilia to a very large complex,Said with some pride:“Lord Wright,Lady Cecilia,This is the oldest magic school in our Magnolia Empire and the entire continent,‘Magnolia College’。”