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First14chapter Windfall

The thief does not go empty。But let me clarify first,I am not a thief,I am a good student who is modest, studious and curious。Now that the drawer is open,Curiosity drove me to patronize her privacy。The first glance from opening the drawer hinge,I decided she was a girl。Big Bag of Big Macs“band Aid”Let me make an accurate judgment on whether his lower body is full or nothing without taking off his pants.。Since it’s a girl,This has injected new vitality into my original curiosity。I look like a hound,It’s more like a wretched house clerk searching for her unknown secrets.。Just to have a good mood one day and chat to relieve boredom with friends,“Alone Better Together”Well。
The more I search, the more angry。Except for the neat books,Orderly stationery,There is also a box of colorful plasticine,She has nothing in her personal hobbies。Just when I whispered secretly and complained that she was uninterested like a model nun,I was radiant from a hard mimeograph album that I passed by。It is covered with the same protective cover as other textbooks,In a hurry,The first time I ransacked my home, I let it slip under my nose。I organize them casually,When planning to return the hurried object to its original place,The album was scrambled and turned over to reveal the middle page。The beautiful picture on this page is like a magic rune that has me stunned.。
Today’s self-study tore up my shy and conservative definition of girls。My two staring eyes make me unable to explain the shame and bloodshot scene。
I was dazzled by the pictures of naked real-life erotica。
European and American,Japanese and Korean,Dazzling,Colorful。My crotch guard has to brag about it,I really see such a beautiful scenery,It still can’t stand the shackles of ripped jeans,Stand upright,Eager to try,An unreasonable posture of not letting you compete with the parties。Although it is nominally my appendage,But once I get angry, I have nothing to do,Let it be like an irritated and bloody Spanish bullfight,Rampage,Forever。
I am secretly looking dumbfounded,When drooling,One by one“Second brother”Vigorously supported“tent”,With his dirty hands that somehow became thicker。I“Whoops”A scream,Shocked the class,Next door class,Whole grade,And the entire campus!He didn’t expect me and“Second brother”So fragile so vulnerable,I thought I was exaggerating the pain he thought he couldn’t do。I gritted my teeth coldly,If you face a puma lion,I swear to eat it too。
Me and a head,We two got together like a pair of embarrassed Jiang Yang thieves。My left cheek is against his right cheek,His right leg is against my left leg。The two of us seem to be intimate, but we secretly compete,For fear of losing the most due angle of appreciation in front of this gorgeous artwork。For the sake of art, people have been poor in the universe,The entangled and twisted shape of the body alone should be taken at least seriously。We two are like a pair of hungry scholars, untiringly exploring the areas that we imagined to have little understanding of them,Accompanied by exhilarating exclaims and puzzling confusion。You praise me,Until I turn to the last page reluctantly,The body is still in a long-term drought without seeing the rain。It seems that the more you look, the more drought。
Hu Qihai and I had a meal,Consistent with mirror reflection,At the same time, I patted my abdomen and wiped my mouth。to be exact,This should actually be counted as a meal“Spiritual food”。One end is still stuck in a few skilled meat-entry performances,The action is not enough。The film crew did not ask for an action guide,I feel so sorry for him。But this is the mistake of the crew not reaching the masses,Not doing what the masses think,You discarded a piece to save the budget“Big pie”。unfortunately,Sigh,Can regret。With a bandit-like idea,He is very likely to rise from action director to martial arts director in such a movie,Floating in front of you“Erotica”How magnificent it will be!That day,Even using Li Baidao to get out of Shu is difficult,But it’s hard to show this“No ancients before,No one later”Unique。
Just a dozen pages of naked Fengyue pictures,But spent one night。Ringtone remembered,I used my little energy to raise my arms,Stretched in a posture of disarming and surrendering。
It’s time to go home again!
First15chapter Bystander
I got up to arrange my clothes,Stomping,I planned to return that rare treasure to its owner。I smoothed out the wrinkles caused by involuntary action,Just when I reluctantly placed my beloved things in a position that is not easy to detect,It’s that thick big hand horizontally in front of me。
“Bring it!Such works can be heard several times in the sky,Should have。You can’t be happy alone,Don’t consider the well-being of thousands of families!give me!I guarantee that everyone on campus will enjoy tomorrow。”Sell it with a weird look。
I thought about it with my congenital lack of strings。Everyone knows this,Then I won’t be admired by everyone“Mystery hero”And being talked about,Propagated for a long time。I forgot the philosophical speculation“The duality of anything。”I can’t wait to pass the thin yellow booklet that bears the possibility that I might become red in an instant to his hand。Take the booklet,Feel the gap caused by the staples。He opens the middle page,I’m staring into his eyes。Along the center seam,“Thorn”Bang,He tore it up。A luxurious and extravagant welfare was torn in half by his two claws full of veins without hesitation。I was stunned by him。Wait for me to react,Push him away with desperate strength。Sat sturdy on the ground。
“What are you doing?You are a violent thing!”I’m like an irrational jackal and vicious dog, wanting to bite his neck。
He slowly propped up his body with one arm,I flicked the dust mark on my butt,Staring at me without saying a word。Suddenly he burst into laughter,
“Look at your promise,I turned my face with my brother after a few pictures,To be a real woman,Don’t you chop me。”He caught me after my panic“Pigtail”,Seems reasonable,I have to be embarrassed and recognize the bear。
“What are you doing?Return it without seeing it,Anyone who loses such a valuable thing will be anxious。”I asked questions and used the owner’s tone to cover up my tension after the loss。