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This feeling,It’s just like“body”Take the initiative“Brain”Teacher,Ren is your arms secret、Gene accumulation,I have my own body treasure house.!

Even if there is no teacher,Self-cultivation of complex martial arts,Mid-handed meridians、Introduce the acoustic,The body will also correct itself,Even the sound of the bell drums that make a sense of 醍醐 醍醐 顶。
And Chu Deirers you usually do,Not a concept is not a concept,More than just thousands of gaps!
Even the people who are understanding,Such a body,It is also easy to make a success in the martial art.?
In addition, the current dream of dreams can only practice“gas”and“Technique”,“body”One of them,Dream God is only a pair of meridians,That is the body of Chu Deirers,and“Heart”and“Trend”……In the state of the Qingming Dream,Not suitable for the thinking of mood and martial arts,Feeling awareness of the fog,Forced comprehension will also wake up。
“Dream god”Can’t equip“Heart”and“Trend”,But the same heart is used with the body.、Trend。
In“gas”and“Technique”superior,Chu Deirers estimate that they eat a fifty-six-year crab,Or can achieve a general human qualification,But eat a five or sixty years,It also does not reach the level of martial arts,If you can live to Zhang Sanfeng’s age,And eating Cancer Day,It is possible to achieve!
“Crab is not fresh,Coldness is too heavy,Although Chang’an City is near the river crab,But Chu Daofi doesn’t pick up the mouth.……Can you eat fish??”Wang Yizhen saw the Chu Deirers of Crab Early Early Early Early,Caring for persuasion。
“Do not,In fact, I feel recently.……My brain is still!”The Chu Deirers said exactly。
“Understand”This thing is not good,In fact, it is not a smart person.,Exhight is high,Some iron is instead of understanding the wonders,However, the end of the brain is good for“Understand”Have no mistakes。
certainly,Crabs are not convenient,And inconvenience,I don’t do it, I’m doing salt fish as a salt fish.……
“correct,Li girl、Flourish,You don’t have to go to the ancient tomb.,Waiting to travel today, go around,Put some new clothes.。”Chu Deirers worship two people。
Wang Yizhen usually pays more attention to clothing,Although it is not,Tracking rivers and lakes、Conditions are not allowed,Wang Yizhen will not complain,But I have a leisure,Nature wants to replace the old clothes,What is the winter?,Different from Jiangnan,Wang Yuxi Qiuyi Winter Wear,Also bought in the road。
And Li Mo does not say,I must also hope that the wind is light.,Just buy clothes,Such a thing that does not meet people,Li Mo is certainly will not take the initiative。
“OK!Master,Let’s go together.!”Hong Lingbo is half a heart,Half is to give Master’s steps。
Li Mo wrinkled frown:“Also。”
What to buy clothes with women,Have trouble,Chu Deirers don’t want to go together,So after breakfast,Chu Deirers and Wang Yizhen et al.——Women go buy clothes,Chu Deirers are to add salted fish and crabs.……
As for the Chu Deiren’s own clothes?
Almost the Chu Deirers have to give up the white fluttering.……
After all, the waist is inserted.、On the other side is two jars,Sad saddle around the horse riding a few jars,What is this“White clothes”It is also difficult“With the wind”Get up。
Two things are not in a royal city,Moreover, the Chu Deirers also came to a more chaotic city.,Because you want to buy a booklet that is not allowed to sell.。
Chu Deirers walk in the street,Directly wrapped in the sword,Ming hooks in the hands。
There is a fight with a fight、Man in a long clothes,The sneaky sneak has pulled the Chu Deirers in the road.,Watch the left and right,After that, open the clothes and ask:“Do you have a book??”
“Take one……”
Justice list in October,Ten two silver!
I have already been in November now,Call in Song Ting,Every quarter of newer,All in“World building”Synchronize new,And in the Qing court, I have to be half a month in the evening.、Even a month,And there is no big bright hanging plaque“World building”——The full Qing Dynasty is not stupid,Will not let the world’s first affiliate industry,Opening is everywhere!
In Yongyuan,Don’t say it is“World building”,“Chivalry”It is itself a prohibited product,If you are collecting,It is found to be copied by the official difference.、Exile。
certainly,If Yunyuan is now in four,And the court’s control of martial arts is very poor.,I don’t want to ban it.,It’s hard to be more expensive.。
The Chu Deiren turned over after the hand,Can’t help but——Still a copy of the version,Crude、Wordo scribble,Deal with it!
After seeing it,The more frowning, the deeper……
Just in the Chu Deirers,When you are in a bad mood,Square is slightly chaotic——This remote workshop,This is the middle of the rivers and lakes.,Usually, the official officers are not coming。
Chu Deirers Pull Personal、I will listen little.,Know……
It was that Tian Bigu appeared in Chang’an City.,Just in Wang Yizhen and others went to the city,and……This time Tian Bo has just wanted to shoot people,In turn“Beautiful road”Depeller,It is exactly that、Good opportunity!
Chapter 119 audacious in the extreme