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“This is all you see.?”

Tao Hao has some incredible look at Li Hui Feng,Her own body is naturally understanding,At first she thought it was a big aunt pain,But later, I went to the hospital, but I found that my body has a problem.。
What is wrong?,The hospital just said that there is a silt in the body.,Need to dred。
But a dredge,Is there a good problem?,She also gave up。
Because I will have the same as if I have been in just one or two days.。
“Hey-hey,Naturally it is seen,How about it?
I will treat you.,You give me the road problem in the village。”
“嘻 嘻 嘻,Then you have to give me a disease first.。”
When Tao is like this time,The eyes are filled with a small fox.。
But this small problem,Li Hui also is not intended。
“Row,Then you come into the house with me.,Soon, I will cure it.。”
Say this,Li Hui has directly entered the house to pick up the silver needle.,This set of money is also very cherished with the wind.,At the same time, he also feels that this silver needle is really comfortable.,It is very smooth when you at least pass the energy energy in his body.。
Tao Hao saw Li Hui Feng housing,She also roses two arms to go in.。
That way to walk, love to look,Let Su Kings feel that Tao Hao is generally with long children.,But the understanding of the other party is very rich。
Calcoding roads in this area also have research,But there is no peach eye.。
After walking into the board room,Li Hui Feng directly takes out a silver needle,Laugh:“Little abdomen。”
Tao Hao was barened by Li Hui’s words.。
She is lively,But but never passed through the extrusion,Not to mention it in front of an opposite sex.。
Li Hui Feng did not expect Taoyuan to face red ear because of his request.。
“do not be afraid,Basically, you can cure it.。”
Li Hui said, while taking a three-inch long silver needle。
“Oh”Xu Ruzhen and Qin Ya were also followed by and wanted to see how Li Hui Feng gave Taoyao.,Su Kan naturally wants to see。
However, he left when he heard that he had to reveal the lower abdomen.。
After all, some concepts between men and women are still very conservative.。
“Gigbled, you are not embarrassed.?
rest assured,My sisters look at him here.,He didn’t dare to have any bad idea.。”
Xu Ruzhen naturally seeing the idea of Tao Hao,Nowadays directly, let Tao Hao put the bad thoughts.。
Li Hui Feng looked at the light and lower abdomen of the opponent, it was also a glimpse.,Because I saw the belly position, he suddenly had a bold guess.,That is the silver needle slowly penetrated into Guanyuan points.,Then the migration of a hint of life is slowly circulated along the silver needle into the opposite body.。
Tao Hao also didn’t expect silver needles to be so comfortable.,That kind of warm stimulus made her couldn’t help but want Li Hui’s speed of the silver needle.。
Just when she feels that the body is uncontrolled to produce a unspeakable incitement,Li Hui Feng is slowly put the silver needle.。
Taking Li Hui’s peach to take out the silver needle,Suddenly there is a feeling of loss。
Vomiting and black arms are directly spit out from Tao Hao。
But after this blood spit out,Tao Hao is feeling that the whole person is very comfortable.。
This scene is scared by Xu Ruyi and Qin Su Ya could not help but go back.。
“breeze,You won’t give people a girl??”
“Hey-hey,fine,She spit out this blood, it should be fine.,I just used the silver needle to dissipate the blood of her body.,Just I didn’t expect to spit directly through her stomach.,I thought it would be slowly from blood vessels or capillaries.。”
Tao Hao is also getting up,I am busy。
“Big brother,I will went first.,Your village is handed over to me.。”
Tao Hao said directly to go out to find the mouth of the gap.,Then I washed a face and hurriedly packed up.。