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The result is naturally sad,

There’s nothing like the ancestor of Baihu Chen Xiu,Besides, a few black-skinned monkeys from An Nan。
Five people don’t know what’s going on,I don’t even know how Chen Xiu shot,Just lie down on the beach。
The sand is soft、Very comfortable,But my body hurts,I don’t seem to have any bones in my whole body.。
of course,This pain did not last long。
Because this pain is far beyond the limit that the human body can bear,Let their body be self-protection mechanism activated,I fainted。
Ruan Shaoru has seen many people,It’s just that I’ve never seen such a tough and ruthless person like Chen Xiu,See Chen Xiu step by step towards himself,His legs are shaking,I don’t have the strength to move。
“Kneel down!”
Shao Ruan is also a celebrity in the river,Let him kneel down in the public,Put this old face there!
“You don’t move,My dad is ruan……”
Chen Xiu won’t wait for him to finish,A second generation of An Nanfu,What more polite,Slap in the face,Ruan Shao spit out a white tooth along with red blood。