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“Are you still listening?”

“Listening!Row,You put things in Xu Ning’s place,I will arrange for someone else to take over!”
Chen Xiu’s tone of Tang Yuanyuan’s voice on the other side of the phone seemed a bit old
343 Old acquaintance
“Beep beep……Beep beep。”
Suddenly,Police car whistle loudly,Chen Xiu followed the voice,I saw three police cars roaring,Stopped33Outside the door of construction site No.,Suddenly attracted many citizens to watch,Chen Xiu was also in the crowd。
I saw a beautiful shadow on the first police car,Looking at the chapter on her shoulder, it looks like her identity is not low。Because it is facing Chen Xiu,I can’t see her face,But looking at the figure, I feel very familiar。
A total of more than ten police officers came down from the three vehicles,Only two people stayed at the door,All the other police officers rushed in under the lead of the policewoman33Inside base number。
The crowds onlookers suddenly discussed:

344 Women’s war
“Not in the team,A meaningless person!”
“understood,Must be your suitor!”
Chen Xiu showed a smile that I understand。
“certainly not!”
Song Rouer was afraid that Chen Xiu would misunderstand and quickly accepted the other party’s video call,Chen Xiu couldn’t see the other person’s face on the phone screen but heard a clear female voice。
“Song Rouer,Congratulations you finally got promoted。Even though he is the captain of a prefecture-level city,It’s a little bit short of a capital city like mine,But also work hard,Don’t belittle yourself,I am waiting for one day we can stand at the same height。”