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Marco is completely crazy!A narrow sense of satisfaction that she has never seen the world, nor has she experienced a behemoth, has made her noodles and peach blossoms。

Garcia?Marquez once gave a fair overview of the behavior of such women driven by their nature.。At this time, I feel like a sculpture outside the window。“When a woman sleeps with a man,There is no wall she can’t jump over,There is no fortress she can’t tear down,And no moral concerns she can’t let go。In fact, there is no God who can control her。”I’m a great writer with every word,He told me what I should have known from her。
I don’t know how long I stayed despicable in the eyes of these shameless men。However, it can be calculated carefully based on the protagonist who looks like a little chicken,It takes only a quarter of an hour to break through the sky。If you have to be true,Then I have no choice but to confess:He’s embarrassing and I look pitiful, and a quarter of an hour still counts a long foreplay!
“Lei Zi!gone!Hurry up!Your mother asked you to go home to collect your clothes”。A phantom ghost suddenly appeared from behind me,With his usual bluffing, he patted my left shoulder hard。
This sentence,Don’t care if they hear clearly or not,Or maybe it’s a fart from a stranger。In short,This inconsequential remark made the two people feel terrified。Just now I was galloping like no one,Sweat like rain,A fight that looks like a dead fish,But let a sentence“Your mom told you to go home to collect clothes”It’s over。
The whole world is quiet。The frogs in the pond outside the playground fence sounded the sonata。Only tonight,I heard it as sad and happy。
The two people in the house froze in place, keeping half-in and half-out.。The two turned to look out the window together。Marco glanced at me,Hurriedly turned his head back,Grab the white which symbolizes purityTShirt covered face。Till now,The facts force me to admit that it is mediocre that I take a consistent attitude when looking at her.。
The two people are like mice in the dark night, all dressed in meaningless skin。Nan Ge is neat,Mention of pants,Zipper pull,The action is like peeing in a dark corner。
Maybe they realized that I didn’t buy a ticket with Yito,So decided to strike。I’m still in a daze,I don’t know if his evil soul is continuing Chen Haonan’s unfinished business or is sad for the naked Mark。
I looked at him sideways,His eyes hooked up and he was braving sparks。Muddy breath,Blushing with a thick neck。I think he has a more enjoyable expression than just looking at the picture album in the classroom。I just slap,Slapped him on the face that should be shot for brother’s loyalty。
I don’t know why I have such supernatural power,One head turned around in the same place and then he held his face and dangled and stopped.。He didn’t fight back against me like he used to conditioned。He rubbed the half of his face that was beaten by me,No grievances,Naturally walked to the door like nothing happened。
But i know,Since we got together,I never saw him suffer from someone else’s loss。I hit him,He may feel worthy。But he will definitely find it from other people elsewhere!
I saw him running towards the door,My mind is broken。
I can’t catch up,I can only watch him raise his big foot and kick。The door that was not blocked because of anxiousness is like a kite with a broken line at the moment,I hit the white wall that was just painted and still symbolizes purity。
I can’t imagine these adulterers****The original intention of fooling around here,Is it thrilling or unbearable。Instead, I’m doing this kind of thing in such a holy place,I promised,“Second brother”Not willing。
I know one end is going to give him this faceless brother。But I don’t have the confidence to meet these two people now。I ran behind one end,Do all he can to hug him tightly。I know once he breaks free,Stop trying to stop him。
“I beg you,Let’s go!One end,Stop making trouble!”I persuade you,I hope he can understand that I want to solve this problem alone。