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Then they are all concentrated in the six-legged square tripod。

And all this is in the water。
When Gan Yifan saw this scene with his own eyes,The shock in my heart is beyond words。
He dived,Use the fastest speed,I always feel that something is waiting for him over there。
then,The monster appeared,Silently appeared from the bottom of the giant cauldron,Four claws,The back is against the bottom of the giant tripod,Like carrying a giant tripod,But grinned at Gan Yifan。
Gan Yifan compares hands and feet,An angry expression on the face,Strong arm swing,I hit the monster a few times。
Difficulty communicating in water,But this does not exist for Gan Yifan and the monster,From when Gan Yifan was very young,They are used to communicating with each other。
The monster fully understands what Gan Yifan means,Sum up four words——very angry!
The monster continues to laugh,Then Gan Yifan’s mind rang out with a monster sound:“If you come down a few days later,Maybe you won’t see me。”The voice in my head is weak,It’s not even as clear as Ning Beizhi’s voice in his head。
Gan Yifan immediately felt bad,Look at the monster state again,An expression of worry and confusion appeared on the face。
“The entire abyss is a big formation,The eyes are on my back,It’s very strenuous to start the big array,Now the big formation has not stabilized completely,I can’t leave。”
Upon hearing this,Gan Yifan was immediately anxious,Although the monster is still laughing,But he can feel that the monster is very difficult。He doesn’t care about what is big or not,He wants the monster to get out safely。
He tried his best to overthrow the giant tripod,But Juding is heavy and abnormal,It’s not his power at all.。He went to pull the monster again,Want to pull the monster out,But suddenly I felt my strength was lost,All over,Floated up。