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“get out!”Three disciples of the ancestor of Tianqiong,The Fengying Daojun who has obtained his inheritance method coldly looks at the two world realms of the hostile force, the Great Wild God Sect。

Great Desolation Sect、Tianqiongzong。
Can’t be said to be an enemy,But the relationship is very poor。
Seeing the world realm of Dahuang Divine Sect enter the eternal realm of Tianqiong,It’s already the limit to endure nothing to kill。
In front of this Taoist,The two people who are only in the world naturally dare not say a word,Left dingy。
So Feng Ying Daojun doesn’t know,The purpose of these two world realms is their own younger brother。
First9chapter Zongmen
Brother?”Li Ming is dumbfounded。
“Not bad!”Feng Ying Daojun drank a cup of spiritual tea,“Haha,I was called by the second senior sister,I was also quite surprised。I learned later,The second elder sister is connected to the place of master’s inheritance,Once a younger brother and younger sister are recognized by Master,She will know。”Front
Shadow Master laughs,A trace of reverence and nostalgia flashed in my eyes,“Sister she,It was the same in front of me,I just got the master’s inheritance,Later, I invited me to join Tianqiong Sect。”
“Brother San is also in Tianqiong Sect now?”Li Ming is not surprised,As a disciple of the ancestor of Tianqiong,Joining Tianqiongzong is logical。
“Not bad,Brother, I am also an elder in Tianqiong Sect。”Fengying Daojun nodded:“Tianqiongzong is headed by our second senior sister,There are five Taoists like me,There are also three Taoists who break through with the power of pill。On the number of Taoists,It’s better than the Great Desolate God Sect。”
“Junior Brother,If my information is correct,You should be born in Sanxiu?”
“Not bad,Junior brother, I came from an ordinary chaotic world,There is no big inheritance,I didn’t even worship Daojun。”
“That’s good!”Fengying Daojun’s face is quite happy,“In that case,I don’t know if Junior Brother intends to join my Tianqiong Sect?”
Li Ming,Got the inheritance of Tianqiong ancestor,But inherited from the ancestors,Doesn’t mean you have to join Tianqiong Sect,These are two different things。