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Everyone knows what happened in Longmai District,So Xia Chenglong is an absolute celebrity right now。

Settle Aquan,It took almost half a day,Many people are still praying for Ah Quan,Xia Chenglong and they naturally went back to the Phoenix Mountain Villa。
Living room,Very strange scene,Several pairs of eyes look at each other,Then there is no more。
Xia Chenglong suddenly brought back a little guy,And still called godfather,This thing is too weird。
“who are you,Why is it called Uncle Long godfather??”Qianqian has two ponytails,Hands in the night,Pouted and asked。
Xia Xiaolong straightened her chest and raised her head,Not timid:“My name is Xia Xiaolong,This is my godfather!”
I heard the two kids jealous,Almost amused everyone。
About Xia Xiaolong, Xia Chenglong gave Zhao Shaojiu a few words,This name was also given by him a few days on the road。
Otherwise, you can’t call it a real dragon directly after going out.,That’s weird。
Qianqian still doesn’t budge:“I am older than you,You want to call my sister,do you know?”
“Do not,Why!”
Xia Chenglong walked over,Patted Xia Xiaolong on the shoulder:“Xiaolong,This is the little buddy I told you,You are now friends,She is your sister again!”
Xia Xiaolong nodded:“Godfather,I’ll listen to you。”
“Sister Qianqian!”
Qianqian was suddenly called sister,All of a sudden:“Xiao Long Guai,Sister takes you to eat rice cake!”
“What is glutinous rice cake??”Xia Xiaolong asked puzzledly。
“Damn,You don’t even know about glutinous rice cakes,It’s delicious food,Walk around,I’ll take you。”
Wang Yazhi came over,Lead the two children:“All right,The adults have something to discuss,go,I’ll take you to eat rice cake。”
Watching the three go out,Xia Chenglong breathed a sigh of relief,Finally took that little ancestor away。
Okay,It seems that the other party likes Qianqian,Before the matter in the North Sea is finished,,Let it stay here for now,Besides getting familiar with the external environment,You can also play with Qianqian。