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There are still a team of six to seven hundred people when they go out,But after coming back,There are more than two hundred people left。

Even if all the previous attacking teams were wiped out, such a loss would be a pain for the blasting mercenary group.。Because I wanted to develop into a team of two thousand people,But because of the other party’s strategy,So the final result is their team
Wu had a battle with the team originally planned。The end result was that the opponent’s troops were beaten so that only ten people escaped.。
However, the blasting mercenary group,But in the end there are more than 30% of the staff left。
This can only be regarded as a tragic victory。
But the same,There are no other private armed forces about 300 kilometers from the blasting barracks to the border of China.。
Watching Lin Wenkong bring someone back,Qin Feng said,“Lin Wenkong,You replace the hundred people who cleaned the battlefield before,Then send a message out。All the distance from the border of China to here belongs to our barracks。Anyone who wants to get involved unless join us,Otherwise all annihilated!”
Lin Wenkong was a little unhappy at first,When I heard Qin Feng say that,He froze for a while,“Will it,A little too arrogant?”
To know,If two large barracks of more than two thousand people say such things,How much can shock some people。of course,There are also people who provoke the big barracks,The final result must have been a fight。
And now,There are only 300 people left in their barracks,Actually released such rhetoric?Are you too confident??
The most important point is,Shouldn’t Qin Feng prepare to take the team and send the injured Nine Days team away??After all, the battle is over!
And the time is right now,In case one more day,If another team comes to attack,,It’s a test for the military camp or Qin Feng’s transportation.。
“Okay, boss Qin Feng,Although I think such remarks are likely to provoke hostility from others。Thus go to war with us,But if we don’t even have such confidence,I don’t deserve to be called a blasting mercenary group。”
finally,Lin Wenkong still decided to follow Qin Feng’s suggestion,Let everyone around you know how terrible they blasted the barracks。
To know,To reach this place from the border highway of China, there was originally**Barracks,Now all the barracks have disappeared, leaving them alone。