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He Xiaomin escorted Mu Xiaojun and his party,The cadres of the fifteen villages came to the stage by themselves,All embarrassing。But for the economic development of Diankou,They had to withdraw from the stage of village leaders,Come out and admit your mistakes,And handed the official seal to Han Sanjiang,Completed the resignation procedure。

Handover,Fifteen village officials,Sigh,Shook his head and left the venue。
Chapter One Hundred and Seventeen ask for forgiveness
After the meeting,Han Sanjiang left Mu Xiaojun and his party,Called to the office to communicate with them in depth,Han Sanjiang looked at Mu Xiaojun and his party,Seriously:“Today’s critical conference,You have also realized the anger of the people in Diankou towards you,If it wasn’t for Director He to stop it,,I think it’s hard for you not to be beaten into meatloaf today。What is a black sheep??Think about it,Just to make a few coppers,You can’t destroy the Great Wall by yourself?Dug his own wall foot,No matter how tall the tall buildings are, they will be destroyed instantly!Mu Xiaojun,You talk,How do you want to get forgiveness from those dealers!”
Mu Xiaojun thought for a while,Just say:“I’ll go to my dealer to take the blame,As long as he is willing to punish me,I personally delivered the 3.6 million to them,Beg their forgiveness!”
Mu Chunfeng asked:“Pang Wenlong,How about you?What attitude,tell me the story!”
Pang Wenlong thought for a while,Replied:“I will destroy the products I trade with him on the spot,And vowed never to do such opportunistic things,Then compensate them for three times the loss of the 800,000 yuan of the transaction,2.4 million to the trader,And promise not to do such things in the future,Ask for his forgiveness,If the business can go on,We can continue to do,He chooses what he doesn’t want to do,I have nothing to say!”
Jiang Yuanqiao asked:“Wang Daiyuan,You talk,How do you handle your affairs!You always speak the least at the venue,Tell me!”
Wang Daiyuan replied:“I didn’t do this originally,It’s my brother,What do you tell me to say?Since my brother made a mistake,You have to be punished,Although he is not 18 years old,I didn’t supervise him at home,It’s my responsibility,I have to be responsible,I took my brother Wang Liyuan to the dealer to apologize,And vowed never to let anyone under the age of 18.,Take the product back,Compensate them for three times the loss,I hope he can forgive our fault!”
After some discussion,Han Sanjiang assured them to apologize to the dealer,Compensation for the loss。
Mu Xiaojun went to Changsha, Hunan,Find dealer Li Junkai,Explained compensation,Li Junkai heard that the other party wanted to compensate him 3.6 million,Suddenly stupid,Watching Mu Xiaojun say:“Xiaojun brother,Are you stupid,You compensate me so much,How do you open a factory?You were introduced by my classmates Mo Damin and Gong Xuanqun,I know your family has no money?You do it like this,I dare not ask you so much money,If Gong Xuanqun and Mo Damin knew that I wanted your huge compensation,I still won’t be scolded to death by them?This makes it impossible,useless!You apologize and I accept,For money matters, I can only pay for the loss,Besides, after I found the problem,Just leave this batch of products,Not sold,Not much loss!Forget it!”
Mu Xiaojun heard Li Junkai say this,Not accept his compensation,on“Puff”Kneeled in front of him,Shouted:“Uncle Junkai,You save me?This compensation is Mo Damin and Gong Xuanqun、Han Sanjiang、It was decided by the four of Jiang Yuanqiao,If you don’t receive this compensation,I’m going back to the stove,They will disqualify me as a hardware,If you think they are your classmates,Pity me,Save me,I don’t want to lose the opportunity to make small hardware,Once lost,I really became a useless person,Will do nothing,Or you can hit me!I’m sorry Master Uncle,I’m not human,I,I am a beast,I······”
Li Junkai saw Mu Xiaojun like this,Just say:“Xiaojun,You get up and talk,Alright?You kneel and cry like this,People think what happened to you?Get up,We have something to say!”Just help him。
Mu Xiaojun replied in tears:“Master Uncle,You don’t forgive me,right?Don’t hit me,I know I’m afraid of getting your hands dirty,right?Then I beat myself!”Just say“Pop pop······”I slapped myself in the face,Good price。
Li Junkai saw Mu Xiaojun like this,Just say:“Ok,Mu Xiaojun,I accept this compensation,Get up,Don’t hit yourself,Alright?Correct it,Just a good boy,Do not worry,I will return your materials to you,Try to minimize your losses!”
Mu Xiaojun shook his head,Replied:“Since it can’t be used as garbage,Just do garbage disposal,Burn it,Sell it as scrap copper!This is an unforgettable punishment for me,Never do such stupid things again!”