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Shook his head,Nothing is warm and warm。

Until I returned to my second uncle’s house,Warm and warm,I’m more curious about Situ Yan’s identity,But didn’t ask much。
“Can you accompany me to Wen’s house??”
This matter has not been handled properly,Always let the warmth feel scared。
Situ Yan nodded,no disagreement,It’s just that the inquiries in the eyes are a bit thicker。
Yu Shan seems to have guessed that they will come,Sitting comfortably on the sofa,Eating fruit,There is a puppy beside。
There is no gaffe just now,Only when I saw Situ Yan,My eyes changed a little,I immediately thought that I was in Wen’s house now,Just relax。
First44chapter past
Perceive Yu Shan’s emotional changes,A trace of irony flashed in the warm eyes,If my mother could treat this kind of person,Presumably she won’t be that one。
“Where did you put my mother’s ashes?Pay me back soon,Are you not afraid of getting retribution??”
Warm mood is out of control,Screamed,I thought I couldn’t even protect my mother’s ashes,A pain in my heart。
“Ashes?Ha ha,See the dog next to your foot?”
Hear words,Warm eyes fell on the dog,I saw it sticking out its tongue,Look like its owner,Somewhat chilling,I always feel a bit bad。
as expected,Warm and Nuan saw Yu Shan touch her smile,Sneered a few times,Said:“Your bitch mother is in its belly!I let it eat!The beast ate the beast,Isn’t it normal?”
“If it’s not for fear that my baby dog doesn’t want to eat,I don’t need to buy some dog food to mix it up。Alas, it’s a bitch,Even dogs hate!”
hard to imagine,These words were actually said by a woman,Extremely vicious!
Heard what she said,The last line of defense in the warm heart collapsed,Look a little sluggish,Looking at the dog in front of you,Can’t wait to see it out!
impossible,impossible!How could my mother end up like this??I vaguely remember the woman in my impression,How proud of a woman full of charm between gestures,How bright she is!