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Is such a condition too excessive??I’m already conscientious, okay??

So Chen Geng is a foreigner,Otherwise, they would have passed Chen Geng’s promise.。
Even one heavy、Double comrade,Although the ugly face is no different from swallowing two catties of Xiang,But it’s just a lick of lips,Didn’t say a word,I feel so sad in my heart:No weight、Double what’s the matter,Yiju、What can be produced,Dongying companies can produce,And the degree of automation、Degree of refinement、Machining accuracy is heavier than one、Two important,Faced with such generous loan conditions,Mr. Chen Geng will definitely not refuse, right?
after all,Think about it,Even if it’s the Huaxia government,Will the Chinese government reject such cooperation terms??
Not at all。
Facing such favorable conditions from Ishikawajima Harima and Mitsui Bank,Even if they are opposite,I can’t find a reason to object——Again,People lend you hundreds of millions or even nearly 200 million US dollars in cash for ten years in vain,It’s just asking you to give priority to theirs when you buy something,Is this condition excessive??Not at all excessive。
Yiju、It’s not that the comrades of Duozhong have never participated in international business negotiations.,Know that in international cooperation,There are countless examples of harsh terms with just a few million dollars in loan amounts.,Conditions such as those offered by Ishikawajima Harima and Mitsui Bank,I have never heard of it、Can’t even think about it。
finally,Dozens of eyes with different meanings fell on Chen Geng, whose expression had not changed.,Dongying people、The leader of the magic city、Primary and secondary leadership……All,Even representatives of Fernandez,Everyone is looking at Chen Geng,What answer will he give?
Under the gaze of dozens of pairs of eyes,Chen Geng finally spoke,Looking at Morihiro Suzuki with a confident smile on his face,Chen Geng’s slow way:“It sounds like this condition is really good。”
“Yes,”Suzuki Shengbo politely bowed to Chen Geng,But his face is proud and confident:“Chen Jun,Please believe,Such generous cooperation conditions,It’s not available anytime。”
Implication,If it weren’t for the best time for Dongying Machinery Industry and Electronics Industry to gain their popularity, you have caught up,Do you think such favorable loan conditions can fall on you?
This opportunity,It’s all because God fell a piece of pie and hit you on the head,Why are you hesitating if you don’t catch it quickly?
“Oh,In this case……”Looking at the confident smile of Suzuki Moribo,Chen Geng’s slow way:“I reject。”
Suzuki Moribo was taken aback,Seriously suspect that there is a problem with my ears:“Chen Jun,Forgive me for not hearing,You just said……”
The reaction of others is no better than Suzuki Shengbo,No one thought that Chen Geng would refuse to face such favorable conditions.,The leader of the magic city is dumbfounded,Seeing Chen Geng’s face is full of incredible,The first and second comrades are more interesting,In disbelief,Still a little ecstatic。
“You heard me right,”Facing countless eyes,Chen Geng nodded slowly:“Everyone heard it right,Yes,I’m talking about:I reject。”
Qiu Ke was the first one who couldn’t help it,He doesn’t care that Chen Geng is a foreign businessman now:“Mr. Chen Geng,Dongying’s conditions are very good,Why are you……Oh,I didn’t question your meaning,I just don’t understand……”
I just don’t understand,If you don’t know that Chen Geng is indeed a rich man worth tens of millions of dollars,He has to wonder if Chen Geng has a brain problem。