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Actually like Kanhachiro,And people like He Yueyingzi,The reason why he was so attracted to He Bu and Wei Xiaoxing

So good,On the one hand, everyone is pretty old,On the other hand, it’s also because they are Lu Menglin’s disciples,An opportunity to connect with one of the world’s top ten powerhouses,Even if it’s just a kind of incense,I believe no one will want Intended to miss。
“Everybody,We are passing by the famous Aokigahara Forest,There is also an alias,Suicide Forest。Hundreds of people come here every year,Enter the forest to end my life。”And Yueyingzi acted as a guide,Said calmly。
“Oh my God!No wonder i feel cold!Miss Yingzi,If you don’t mind,Can you hug me?”Wei Xiaoxing shouted with a smiley face。
He Yueyingzi’s face turned red,But did not refuse on the spot,She obviously would seriously consider dating this monkey,As long as the opponent is a disciple of Master Lu Menglin,Whether it’s a monkey or a pig,Also acceptable。
“okay!I will throw you out of the car,Run by yourself!”Lu Menglin really can’t stand Wei Xiaoxing’s third-rate forced sex level,Can’t help but scold。
Wei Xiaoxing is about to speak,I can’t help seeing out of the car window at a glance,A huge sign was erected at the turn of the road,It says“Please cherish your life!”,This guy was shocked,Hehe smiled:“Is there any danger outside??”
Lu Menglin shrugged,Said angrily:“Nothing!Because too many people committed suicide,The resentful spirit stays on。Coupled with the magnetic field of the volcanic lava on this mountain,You will probably get lost,Can’t get out,Then I can only commit suicide。”
Listen to what Lu Menglin said,Everyone in the car couldn’t help but shiver,Hairy heart。
They are among the top ten masters in the world,What he said can still be false?
“This ghost place is too evil!I must have sensed the evil spirit of the resentful spirit just now,That’s why I feel so cold!”Wei Xiaoxing nodded repeatedly。
“Don’t worry everyone,As long as we don’t get off,Not into the forest,Nothing will happen。There are usually many cars on this road。”He Yueyingzi said with horror,It seems that because of the existence of this Aokigahara forest,And trouble everyone,It’s my own responsibility。
Strange,Just after saying these few words with Yueyingzi,The fog in the mountains and forests is even greater,The fog is getting thicker,I can barely see my fingers in front。
And this road is extremely silent,Not even a passing car。
The bus that everyone took,It seems to be a horrible vehicle leading to Yin and Yang,Driving alone between the mountains。
Even Su Xuehen and Jin Soyan’s faces gradually changed,Affected by this atmosphere of terror,If it weren’t for the invincible Buddha Lu Menglin sitting on the car,I’m afraid everyone’s mood will be even more disturbed。
“It’s really evil!”Lu Menglin smiled slightly,Lightly。
With his mental power,How can I not feel it,In this thick fog outside the car,Contains a lingering negative energy?