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Su Xuehen sits in the third row,When Lu Menglin passed by,She didn’t look up,But couldn’t help but whispered,“do not go!”

Her voice is not too loud,But it’s all the courage she can drive。
The only one who heard this call was Lu Menglin,And some classmates sitting near Su Xuehen。
They all stayed for a while,I almost thought I had auditory hallucinations。
Su Xuehen would take the initiative to dissuade Lu Menglin,In their opinion, this is simply impossible。
Lu Menglin was startled,Smile at the squad leader,Then she shrugged her shoulders coolly,Follow Old Monster Liu,Out of the classroom。
On the corridor,Old Monster Liu still holds the blackboard eraser in his hand,Cold eyes,Chilling。
“come here!”Old Monster Liu grinned and sneered。
Lu Menglin took a look at his eyes,I knew this old guy wanted to be ruthless。
Use this kind of social garbage to teach and educate people,It’s really the sadness of education!
Lu Menglin stared closely at Old Monster Liu’s eyes,Come forward calmly。
Old Monster Liu Domineering,Wave the blackboard eraser,Pulled hard towards Lu Menglin’s left cheek。
If it gets solid now,Half of your face will swell up immediately,And was hit by the blackboard eraser,Will leave unsightly marks,It is inevitable to be laughed at by classmates。
This double blow from mind to body,It’s Old Monster Liu’s masterpiece,And in case the parents hold,He can also say that he hates iron but not steel,In a hurry,Smoothly。
Seeing the blackboard eraser come oncoming,Lu Menglin reacted faster than Old Monster Liu,While flashing the blow sideways,Gently hooked like a ghost,It happened to hook on Old Monster Liu’s calf。
This action is light,But successfully destroyed Old Monster Liu’s center of gravity,Made him fall forward suddenly。