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Liu Shiwen in the hands of the man in black was covered by the man in black because of her mouth,I can only shake my head again and again,As if to signal Qin Feng not to。

Qin Feng Wan Yao is going to pick up the iron pipe,Liu Shiwen shook her head harder when she saw this,Tears rushed from my eyes,She didn’t expect that Qin Feng would really break his hand for her。
The man in black smiled confidently,“What can you do if you fight hard,Not dead in my hands,Hurry up,Otherwise, this little beauty will die。”
Liu Shiwen is still shaking her head,Tears keep falling,Very guilty,Also very touched,The look in Qin Feng’s eyes changed。
Qin Feng didn’t pay attention to these,Just when I was about to pick up the iron pipe,The hand that was about to touch the iron pipe outwards,A silver needle flew into the arm of the man in black with a dagger。
While the man in black is still smiling confidently,But found that my right hand is out of control,Panic right away。
I want to change my left hand to get the dagger,But Qin Feng is fast,Another silver needle flew into his apple,The man in black has no interest in knowing what happened,Fall down heavily。
Liu Shiwen tried to get her hands on her neck,No matter what,I don’t know my pain,Go straight to Qin Feng。
Liu Shiwen hugged Qin Feng tightly with her arms,Zi clings to him,As if afraid of Qin Feng running away。
Qin Feng was stunned by this sudden scene,Is this section of the hero saving the beauty so useful??The chick began to hug。
Think about it,Qin Feng has to push away the tearful person in his arms,Although there are beautiful women, I am very happy,But this leg is still injured,It hurts him so tightly。
Qin Feng pushed Liu Shiwen away from his arms,Pained,Liu Shiwen was pushed away before reacting,I have a colic in my stomach,Don’t hold Qin Feng now,Switch to hug,Squat down。
Isn’t this girl okay just now??Still hug me,Why can I still squat down now??
“How are you?”Qin Feng looked at Liu Shiwen and asked。
“That person just didn’t know what to drink for me,my tummy hurts。”Liu Shiwen said painfully。
Qin Feng hurriedly took Liu Shiwen’s hand after hearing this,Take her pulse carefully。
“Really mean,Even poisoned。”Qin Feng looked at Liu Shiwen worriedly。
“That you are poisoned,I’ll help you detoxify first。”
“Ok!”Liu Shiwen’s voice is very thin,As if I could fall down at any time。