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A few of the irritable even rolled up their sleeves and prepared to beat Qin Feng。To know,It’s not uncommon for athletes to be imprisoned。What does it mean to hit the boss when you are angry!

“okay,Kick off,No matter what nonsense, he really wants to hit me!”Qin Feng directly interrupted the dialogue between Bolun and others。
“Ha ha,Right,Then get ready to kick off。Digg,Find the main players,You have to do your best to kick。otherwise,It will be ugly to lose。”
Finished saying this,Boren has already gone to get someone to find himself a whistle。
Players such as Digg are getting more angry。
What?,Obviously there are only two people opposite,And he’s still a Chinese with a low reputation,He felt that everyone around him was on the verge of an explosion。
Okay,After only a few minutes,Everything is ready。the most important is,The usual main starters are all murderous at this time。
“well,Keep this murderous。”
“You mock us again, we’ll hit you now!”
“OK OK,The game started。Don’t make trouble,Don’t make trouble!”Bollen is doing peace。
“Let’s start,But don’t you mind letting us kick off。Liu Xing, you guard the gate!”
“what?But I also want to score!”Liu Xing dissatisfied。
“okay,Anyway, it won’t be full90Minute。Soon they will collapse!”Qin Feng responded。
Just as the team members were about to pounce on Qin Feng and beat Qin Feng on the ground.,Bollen quickly blew his whistle。As soon as Qin Feng kicked off the ball, he started to control the ball and ran from the center circle.。
And the person who was going to beat him also reacted this time,I wanted to squeeze Qin Feng with his physical advantage。After all, the physical fitness of their Americans is much stronger than Qin Feng’s young masters.。