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Also known as,ChryslerfamilyIn addition to fuel consumption ratiocivicHigher than,other aspects,Include space、Sense of manipulation、safety……All is a comprehensive crushcivic。

Even if it’s fuel consumption,Hasn’t anyone compared it?,ChryslerfamilyFuel consumption,ThancivicLess than50%Look like,Stay at the level of fifteen or six liters per hundred kilometers,Compared to other U.S. cars, the fuel consumption is 20 to 30 liters or even higher,ChryslerfamilyIt’s really fuel efficient。
Quiet in the garage,No one speaks,I don’t know what everyone is thinking about。
Steven, who was pale, suddenly asked:“Such a good video,Why didn’t the media explode?”
“Ghosts know。”Tom shrugged。
But Tom took the conversation:“I heard that the Japanese have put a lot of effort in public relations with the media during this period,Maybe someone sent this videotape to the TV station,But those damn media were given PR by Toyota and Honda。”
“Not so much?”Steven doesn’t believe it。
“Who can tell this?”A car owner next to you,His faint way:“Otherwise, how would you explain this situation??I don’t believe that no one passed this video to those media。”
“……”Tom is speechless:Not only does the car owner next to him do not believe,Actually he doesn’t believe it。
“correct,I decided to return the car,You buddy?”The owner of the car asked Tom。
“I?”Tom hesitated,Then nodded heavily:“I also retire!”Paused,He followed:“It’s good to be able to withdraw,If you can’t return,I sold it。”
“Correct,I think so too。”Several car owners next to him immediately nodded。
Tom and Owen smiled at each other,Tom spoke first:“Since everyone thinks so,Let me make a suggestion,Our Che You Association organizes car friends who are willing to return the car,Go back and return the car together,This will put more pressure on the dealer,What do you say?”