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“For me personally,Mr. Fernandez,I’m very sorry,”Ralph·Sir Robbins sighed,The expression is still quite guilty:“But what I want to say to you is,This offer is definitely the lowest,You go to Pratt·Whitney and General Electric,They either don’t sell,Either the quote will be much higher than our quote,and so……”

and so,Although we are a bit dark,But the black ones are not really outrageous,If you don’t believe,You go to Pratt·Try Whitney and General Electric to know,They will definitely make you doubt life。
“I need to think about it。”
a long time,Chen Geng finally spoke,His voice seems hoarse。
Ralph·There was a smug smile on Sir Robbins’s face:“of course,This is your right。”
he knows,This is just Fernandez·Chen’s unsuspecting behavior for his own face,But in the end,He will accept Rawls·Royce’s blackmail……Oh,Do not,Is a reasonable purchase recommendation。
As for Chen Geng,Until I get in the car,Raise the partition between the front and rear seats,He just started to laugh wildly while clutching his stomach:“Hahahaha……”
Because it’s too zinc powder,Chen Geng even burst into tears。
This play is really hard,That’sRB211what,Who doesn’t want?
But Chen Geng knows very well,Most likely to getRB211The way,It’s just showing no interest in this engine at all,Only Jean Rawls·Royce believes he is rightRB211No interest at all,I can get it by myself,Fortunately, the hard work pays off,My acting skills just now should have a place in La Masia Film and Television Academy, right??
Finally ralph·Sir Robbins,He is also very excited,I will look gloomy in person、After Chen Geng who had lost hundreds of millions of dollars in the car,,He immediately returned to the office to Downing Street10The number one made a call:“Yes……Finished talking,He is very upset……Of course,Of course he is qualified to be unhappy,But like you said,Can only be unhappy,Who made him reach such a cooperation agreement with the Chinese government?,For the smooth future cooperation,He must get‘Thai’650,This is our chance……”
PS:Lantern Festival,Millennium is here to wish you dear brothers and sisters a happy Lantern Festival,Consummation in the next year,Smoothly,Good mood every day。
First673chapter How to pass?
“boss,you……You are ready to promise the British?”
After listening to Chen Geng,Elizabeth’s mouth can’t close,She even waved her arms twice excitedly,Because she can’t imagine,bossSuch a smart person,Why did you make such a naive mistake this time,Even the British would agree to such an excessive condition?Is itbossReally ready to copyrb211?:“In order to do this thing, the British,They even bankrupted their company directly,How are you……How can you……
And even if one day in the future we can successfully replicaterb211,At that time more advanced engines came out,I heard that General Electric intends to develop a new generation of high-thrust aircraft engines,The goal is to make the maximum thrust directlycf6Doubled on the basis of!