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Langfang Bazhou 3 positive infected people’s schedule announcement

People’s Daily Shijiazhuang, March 11th. On March 10, 2022, Langfang Bazhou found that three residents’ nucleic acid results were positive in a routine nucleic acid test on centralized isolation places, of which one was a confirmed case of new crown pneumonia (ordinary type). , Two people for new crown pneumonia diagnostic cases (light type). The main activity trajectory of cases 1. Cases 1. Cases 2. Cases 2. Cases 3: Confirmation Cases 1 (ordinary type): From February 23 to March 3, 2022, to and from Xujiabao Village’s home in Xujiabao Village. On March 4th, I went to get off work normally. After work at 17:00, I drove from Xujiabao Village to a friend’s home for meals at Jianuo Village, Antidong Ganggang Town, and returned home at 21:30.

At 18:00 on March 5th, I went to the East Gangma Daocou Village in Anji District to dine with a clear barbecue restaurant.

On March 6, there was no history of activities at home. Normal get off work on March 7. At home on March 8th, from 12:00, it was transferred from a negative pressure ambulance to a centralized isolation point.

Confracted cases 2 (light type): At 18:00 on March 5th, go to Donggangma Daokou Village, Anji District to dine with a clear barbecue restaurant.

At 18: March 6: At the Chuhe Port in Chuhe Port, Yangfen Port Town, Bazhou City to eat. Go to work normally on March 7, go to Catalong to repair the car in the afternoon, and then go home without going out.

Go to work normally on March 8. After going to the Donggu Port Health Center for nucleic acid testing at 10:30, he returned home and did not go out. The negative pressure vehicle was transferred from the negative pressure vehicle to the centralized isolation point.

Confirmation case 3 (light type): February 23rd to March 1st, 2022, worked at the Lion City Office of the Anci District, Langfang City. On March 2nd, drive to the ancestral housing house at 8:30, and visit the Guangming West Road Century Merchants and Yimin Supermarket at 9:00; 10:00 University Town visits the Oriental Supermarket;

Working at the Lion City Office of Anci District, Langfang City on March 3. At 7:00 on March 4th, drive from the home of Guangyang District to Bazhou, and arrived at Baizhou City Hopa beverage warehouse at 9:00; 11: 40 to eat at Lanzhou Ramen opposite the Pingkou Supermarket in Pingkou Village in Pingkou Village; 12: 00 Visit the starting point of fried tea shop supermarkets, Pingkou Daniu Supermarket, Pingkou Supermarket, Datai Shan Shuangqiang tobacco and alcohol, Laixinlong Supermarket, Xitai Mountain Ermei Supermarket, Qiuzhuangzi Hao and Multi -Supermarket, Wang Yan Huachen Supermarket, Hua Lian Supermarket, Renzhuangzi Lao Zhuan transfer Wholesale supermarkets; 17:30 returned to the warehouse and returned to Langfang Huafeng Hotel for dinner; 19:30 home.

Ride to the Langfang Lion City Office at 8:00 on March 5th; arrive at the ancestral village warehouse at 9:00; go to the Sixth Street of Pedestrian Street to visit Jianuo Internet Cafe and Player National Internet Cafe; 11:50 home. Ride to the Langfang Lion City Office at 7:30 on March 6th; drive to the Baizhou City Huicheng beverage warehouse at 9:00; 12: 00 center market across the fast food restaurant across the south of the market; 12: 15 Visit the Yixing Longda Supermarket near Dingsheng International ; 17: 00 Return to the warehouse and drive back to Langfang; 19:40 ride to the Shanhetun Hotel in Guangyang District; 21:00 Return to the home of Guangyang District.

At 7:00 on March 7th, driving to Baizhou will become a drink warehouse; from 9:30 to 17:00 to visit Jiyangzhuang Village Jugu Supermarket, Beipou Beef Noodles in Beiyangzhuang Village, Beilou, Beilou, Mi Le supermarket next to the New Third Courtyard, Jinduzhuang National Highway beside the monthly fruits and vegetable supermarkets; 13:00 to eat in Li Ji of Beiyangzhuang Village; return to the warehouse at 17:00; take a bus to Xiaohui Hotel for meal at 18:00; at 21:00, stay at the Green Haotai Hotel.

Taxi at 8:30 on March 8th (license plate number RTR839) to the will become a beverage warehouse; 8:50 to visit Binle Supermarket, Lao Cai Supermarket, and this supermarket. 11:30 is transferred from a negative pressure ambulance to a centralized isolation point. (Responsible editor: Zhang Xiaobo, Zhu Longchao) Share let more people see recommendation reading.