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Create a credit village farmer "online + line" integrated service

Original title: Building a credit village farmer "online + line" integrated service "this time I applied for a Postal Savings Bank online ‘Extreme Sprinkler’ product, for less than 10 minutes, approval.

Compared with the previous, the farmers loan services of the Postal Savings Bank are better, more convenient.

"Mr. Xinlin Village, Hua Station, Cangnan County, Zhejiang Province, under the guidance of the customer manager of the Postal Savings Bank, through the mobile banking line, only a few minutes, completed the approval and approval of small loans of farmers in the farmers. Cangnan County Horse Station The town is located in the southern end of Zhejiang, because the location is relatively remote, the farmers loan is limited.

The Wenzhou Branch of the Postal Savings Bank actively explores the batch of credit villages to meet the effective combination of scientific and technological means and the credit of the whole village, gives the site acceptance, card, and investigates batches to make local microfinance development has improved quality. After the previous exploration, "Online + Line" integrated service model has been formed, and the financial services are sent to the entrance of the residents, let the residents run less legs, bring more convenience to farmers, and better experience giving farmers. .

  Since 2021, the Wenzhou Branch of the Postal Savings Bank has always adhered to the service "three rural" positioning, deep excavation of financial services, supplementing the rural financial demand short board, launching a series of farmers and loans innovation products, and enhances financial support Agricultural service level, vigorously support the development of important agricultural products, specialty industries and new agricultural operations. At the same time, vigorously develop beautiful rural construction farm loans to help farmers improve living conditions.

As of the end of September, the farmers’ loans were more than a million yuan; the farmers small credit loans billions; small "extremely quick loans" excellent yuan; beautiful rural farmers construction small loans more than one yuan.

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