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Accelerate the Perfect Vocational Education System (New)

  Not long ago, the revision of the Vocational Education Law made consideration of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress. Improve vocational education system and management system from the legislative level, which promotes the quality of laborer, adapting to the new situation and new mission, and is also an urgent need to solve many practical problems in current vocational education. It will be to build a modern vocational education system. Vocational education health development provides a strong rule of law guarantee. Vocational education is an important part of the national education system and human resources development. It is an important way to open a successful entry to success.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping has attached great importance to vocational education, care about skill-type talents, and many times in the job education work, promoting my country’s vocational education to improve the upgrade and promotion of fast lanes. A large number of technical skills that support economic and social development have been cultivated. Developing vocational education under the new situation, we must improve political stations, optimize institutional design, and focus on solving highlighting problems.

  Building a modern vocational education system, first to transform the ideas.

Vocational education and general education are two different types of different types of education.

As a type of education as an education, it is necessary to integrate design, higher vocational education, undergraduate vocational education.

At present, in my country, higher vocational education is mainly in the level. It is better to adapt to the urgent needs of human resources, the urgent needs of vocational education, should develop a certain number of undergraduate and even postgraduate levels, thus establish a modern vocational education system with Chinese characteristics, world level, and achieve adaptive development demand, education education Deeply integration, school-enterprise work close cooperation, middle-mouse higher vocational work, vocational education and general education mutual fusion, cultivate more high quality skills, can work hard, big country craftsmen. It is necessary to improve the system framework, and improve quality and level, which is the meaning of building a modern vocational education system.

The revision of this vocational education method expands the self-sovereign of vocational schools, and proposes "national implementation apprenticeship system", improve the social evaluation mechanism of vocational education, etc., has strong targeted. For the future, I have to stick to the point, focus on building a group of high-level vocational education colleges and disciplines, continue to implement a high-level high-level higher vocational school and professional construction plan, concentrate on building a group of leading reforms, support development, Chinese characteristics, world level Higher vocational schools and professional groups. We should focus on improving the level, service capabilities, international influence of higher vocational schools and professional groups, and cultivate high-quality operational skills, technical skills, and advanced technical skills.

Strive to create a group of international advanced levels of higher vocational schools and professional groups, leading vocational education to achieve modernization, and then improve the competitiveness of human resources, and promote economic and social development.

  General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "To adhere to the party’s leadership, adhere to the direction of correct running schools, adhere to the Lidan people, optimize the type of vocational education, deepen the integration of education and education, school-enterprise cooperation, and in-depth promote the way of education, school model, management system, Safeguarding mechanism reform, steadily developing professional undergraduate education, building a group of high-level vocational colleges and majors. " Reform management system, running a school system, strengthen unified coordination, establish and improve the government’s leading, industry guidance, enterprise participation in the school institution mechanism, innovate government, industry and society to share the basic capacity building mechanism of vocational education, and promote social power, including enterprises Host vocational education to form an open multivariate vocational education development pattern. In addition, in terms of the construction of teachers, it is necessary to increase support.

Further improve the vocational education system and management system, increase system innovation, policy supply, investment efforts, and promote the rapid development of vocational education, in order to better provide strong talent resource support for modernization in my country.

  (The author is the Vice President of the Chinese Education Association, Dean of the National Education and Governance Research Institute of Huazhong Normal University) (Editor: Chen Jing, Liu Peiran).