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2021 Guangqi Honda Safety China Row is successfully closed

Jinyang Net News has been adhering to "Safety" for everyone, Guangqi Honda continues to strengthen investment in safety China, and promote public welfare undertakings in road safety education.

In 2021, the project adheres to the practice of safe driving training, and raises the safety awareness and skills of the driver’s safety, while innovating thinking and platform, using "Road Safety Innovation Contest" to actively Contributing the future road safety construction, thereby further improving the road traffic safety public welfare system, transmitting the security concept to a broader population.

In May of this year, the GAC Honda Road Safety University Alliance went to six alliance colleges and universities to carry out road safety preaching activities, and the innovation competitions carefully created by college students were also officially kicked off.

In the summer of July, the "Treasure Course" of Safety China Bank – Safe Driving Experience Camp is held in Guangqi Honda Xueyue Safe Driving Center, "The old driver", "Double-feeling, deeply, the science" Anti-Secret "is a great benefit; At the end of October, the Safety China OK · The Second Road Safety Innovation Competition (Road Safety Innovation Camp) Finals were staged in Guangqi Honda, from the 12th team of colleges and universities in the country, "cross-altered" thinking, "black The scientific and technological "works are wonderful, and the new" Safe Super New Star "is born, and the form of the full-year action painting of the China Row is a success in the new year of the security China.

In 2021, Guangqi Honda Safety China Project "Training" Shaoguan, Professional "Power Support" An important participant in the safety of the driving safety directly affects the current traffic safety situation. Pay attention to the safe core power, adhere to the professional security driving consciousness and skills to drive the road safety education of social drivers, is an important part of Guangqi Honda safe Chinese line for adult groups.

Safety driving experience camps are also so far, Guangqi Honda has the longest time, more perfect road safety public welfare practice, through professional, systematic training, and effectively help drivers to improve traffic safety awareness, enhance road safety risk prevention and dealing skills, direct Improvement of current road traffic safety issues.

Guangqi Honda Xueyue Safety Driving Center as Guangqi Honda Safe China · "According to the Base", with domestic first-class training venue, professional security driving trainers, and rich and perfect training courses. Its solid investment, high professional standards, also showed a powerful determination of Guangqi Honda road safety public welfare undertakings.

2021 Guangqi Honda Safety China Line · Safe Driving Experience Camp "’Slowly Over Water, Quick Walk", such driving common sense, who doesn’t know? But after the reminder of the teacher, once the water depth exceeds 1/3 or 1 / 2, we should not be able to pass through. "An owner who came to experience the experience said that a day’s class was quite rich. How to safely pass the water section in the past, when we need to brake, we habitually adopt a blind way, and with the popularity of ABS, the operation of emergency braking has changed. But some drivers Because it is not used to the push-up reaction of the brake pedal, the conditions will be reflected in an emergency, which is actually very easy to cause safety hazards.

"Another driver is emotionally, it seems that causing driving habits may hide danger.

The driver experience the influencing of the dry and wet segment ABS activation of the brakes. The sun-changing intelligent driving assistance technology can greatly reduce the driver’s operational burden, but for new technologies, new functions are insufficient, it is easy to become a new hidden danger of road traffic safety. On the basis of the original project, this year’s safe driving experience camp invested in depth the safety driving pain points in the intelligent transportation era, precisely hit the "old driver", and enhance the safety "wisdom" driving level.

In order to more targeted the driving habits of "old drivers", this experience camp also used the "driver’s smart driving analysis system" to provide exclusive, exclusive driving behavior of the participants. This digitally analyzed system has given an improved plan by accurately collecting the driver’s driving habits, reaction time, brake strength, etc. The level has been effectively improved.

The driver’s smart driving analysis system is compact a day special training. For the "old drivers", they don’t have to go through a retrofit.

There is a driver lame after the business: "Many times face some complicated road conditions, we are all experienced, there is no accident because of the accident, only effectively improved the kids, exclude the hidden dangers, can be longer Protect yourself and others’ safety.

"The wind is in the end of Qingping, many traffic accidents are not accidentally, and the correction of daily driving habits is not easy.

By building a professional secure driving training system, safe driving education is continuously carried out, and Guangzhou Automobile Honda will take traffic safety knowledge and safety driving awareness in the public. So far, Guangqi Honda Safe Driving Camp has trained more than 50,000 drivers, and promotes a broader social public to pay a positive contribution to the development of road traffic safety. Inspired collision, building traffic safety "new future" road safety construction is focused, more need to pay more attention to the future, college students are key groups in the future road traffic safety construction. Pay attention to the new generation forces, with sustained innovation to drive college students’ group road safety education, contribute to the future road traffic safety construction, is another big core content of Guangqi Honda Safe China on the in-depth promotion of different age groups. Since 2020, Guangqi Honda is connected to China Automobile Center to carry out road traffic safety innovation competitions, encourage young students to carry out ideas research and practice in road traffic safety issues, with creative thinking to enable road traffic safety.

In 2021, the second road safety innovation contest further upgraded, and the first time the road safety innovation camp activities, condense technical experts, media representatives, universities and students, etc. The safety new project of the accident, proposes road safety new programs, providing new ideas and cooperation models for road traffic safety development.

The second road safety innovation competition finals have brought high-level "black technology" work in this competition. Faced with safety hazards such as shared car overload, Wanzhang High-rise team from Jilin University has designed "shared car-based automobile over-service detection warning system based on YOLOV5 neural network model", which is used to restrain the driver’s violation of the shared car, thus protecting the car. Safety. Jilin University Wanzhang High Power Land, "Shared Automobile Superman Testing Early Warning System Based on YOLOV5 Neural Network Model" With the development of takeaway, express delivery, the number of electric vehicles has increased significantly, and the phenomenon of violations has been repeated.

In response to this problem, the modular division team from Harbin Institute of Technology (Weihai) combined with RF road standard, smart vehicle lock, and cloud server, designed a lower cost, more convenient illegal testing means, got the judge Consistently recognized.

Harbin Institute of Technology (Weihai) analog number teacher team "RF Road Shooting and Smart Electric Auto Lock" first prize work from Jilin University Light Pole Brigade points to smart transportation, through "smart pole" system to solve no signal control The conflict of intersections and vehicles, the prospective and practicality are also well received. Jilin University Light Pole Brigade "Smart Light Pole for Human Cars" "This innovative competition can better motivate students to pay attention to road safety, with more professional knowledge and rich platform resources, to provide road safety Practice guidelines in the field. "The relevant person in charge of GAC Honda said," We hope to focus on the ‘new generation "of social progress, let more people participate in the action of improving the road environment.

"For 23 years, Guangqi Honda actively assumes corporate social responsibility and actively constructs a safe public interest system for full age.

Guangqi Honda has opened a safe Chinese project in 2007, and the two core projects of the Secure Driving Experience Camp and the University Road Safety Innovation Competition have been continuously innovated, and the platform is constantly innovating, and the platform is constantly innovating, and the platform is continuously innovated, and the safety driving education platform for adult groups will be further improved. At the same time, Guangqi Honda also actively invests in children, adolescent traffic safety education, and is committed to "education a family, driving a family, affecting the whole society."

In the future, Guangqi Honda will continue to build a multi-channel exchange platform, join hands with all parties, continue to promote road safety construction, and share the beautiful blueprint of "zero accident" harmonious transportation society.

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