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Communist Youth League Central: Carrying out the standardized standardization construction of the party branch

The establishment of scoring rules, including 22 evaluation factors, the reference is 70 points, and the plus item is 30 points, to motivate the party branch to carry out self-selected movements on the basis of completing the regulations, "Good Adding".

Increase the score of organizational life standards to solve problems such as organizing organizational life in some party branches.

Play the party member pioneer model role and the role of the party branch battle fortress to the score item, further establish all the party’s work to the distinctive orientation of the branch.

The establishment of the special working group of the star level, carrying out two rounds of standardized standardized construction inspections and comments on the directive agency, according to the "5A Party Branch" "3A Party Branch" and " Renovation of the Party Branch "4th and other discounted party branches. Strengthening the designation of the star level, the "5A Party Branch", priority to the "two excellent one priority" of the directly under the authorities; "Key to rectify the party branch", request the existing problem to establish a reform desk, clear rectification time limit , Improved one by one.

(Source: "Banner" 2021, No. 9) (Editor: Bai Xiang): Navy issued: Zhong Ming).