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Construction Party Centennial Red Literary Classic Seminar

  This newspaper, Zhangzhou, March 22 (Reporter Ren Faili) 22nd, the Central Committee of the Branch of the Central Party, which was hosted by the Chinese Literary Reviews Association, held in Zhangzhou, Jiangxi. This seminar is the theme of "the era of red literary classics", and reviews the brilliant achievements and valuable experience of red literary creation in the past 100 years to discuss the value and future development of red literary classics.

  Participants believed that the red literary classics condensed the vivid creation of the party leadership and art work, recorded the historical greatness of the party’s leading people, carrying the historical memory and emotional power of Chinese children, highlighting the spirit of the Chinese people, is the Chinese nation Valuable spiritual wealth.

Red literary creation should fully explore all kinds of red literary resources, guide literary and art workers to go deep into life, root the people, and increase the support of red literary boutique creation, and effectively strengthen research reviews and communication promotion of excellent red literary works, strive to create A red literary classics belonging to the new era, give full play to the unique role of cultural and cultural souls, gathering strength, contributing to building a strong country of socialist culture.

(Editor: Qiu Wei, Rona).