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Course + lecture helps financial, corporate management of cadre construction

Qinghai Cadre Network Academy is in the drawing, collecting business elites, financial experts, and MBA students’ second lecture on the Qinghai University of National University in Qinghai Cadre Network.

After the subject speech, in recent years, Qinghai Cadres Network Academy has focused on the diversification needs of the province’s cadres and training, and actively jointly organized many high-end lectures, and build business knowledge for cadres in various fields in the province. Learning platform with capacity quality improvement. At the same time, we fully perform the duties, upload, organized, organized, and organize the business, and the online class of the online class, the high-level responsibility and mission, build the online garden of Qinghai Province cadres. "Block Chain Basic Knowledge" "From the reform of financial anti-risk to financial supply side" Network courses learned by cadres in the field.

These courses include the hottest block chain knowledge in the future, but also related to key tasks such as rural revitalization, industrial development, laying the platform foundation for the improvement of cadres in Qinghai Province. Up to now, the website of Qinghai Cadre Network has played up through 70 financial economic courses, and more than 20,000 people have learned related courses.

The online theory study is in order, offline corporate elites, and the lectures in the field experts are also in an orderly manner. In order to achieve two-way communication, the goal of smart collision, "Entrepreneurship Lecture Hall" innovation launched an MBA student and on-site expert questions and presentation.

The guest sharing successful experience, also revealed the difficulties encountered; present experts and MBA students focusing on the development challenges of the enterprise, the procurement of the procurement, and jointly present a wonderful "live teaching".

Xiao Yulan, deputy president of Qinghai University for National University, Zhang Yulan, executive vice president of Qinghai Cadre Network, said that the next Qinghai Cadre Network College will cooperate with all relevant units to introduce the first-class enterprises and business elite in Qinghai Province to enter the "entrepreneurial lecture hall". Increase financial and enterprise management management lectures, which brings more ground-to-gas financial knowledge sharing for the Qinghai University for Nationalities and Qinghai Province, the cadres of Qinghai Province.

(Source: Qinghai Cadres Network Academy) (Editor: Yang Wei, Ganhai Qiong).