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Qinghai "green electricity" shines China’s brand day

  From May 10th to 12th, the China’s Independent Brand Expo Qinghai Exhibition Hall, 4 clean energy industry fields with their own "watching family" debut, heavy display of the new achievements of Qinghai clean energy development. "Ore-like" polysilicon, "thin-than-mirror is still thin" photovoltaic module … In the national electricity, the Yellow River Upstream Hydropower Development Co., Ltd., these usual rare products have attracted the attention of the masses.

  This year’s China Brand Day series activities, the Yellow River Upstream Hydropower Development Co., Ltd. is concentrated in a variety of forms of the company and the Qinghai clean energy industry development and other brand construction work results, and new initiatives, new initiatives in the process of building a characteristic brand. According to the staff of the Yellow River Upstream Hydropower Development Co., Ltd., the Yellow River Upstream Hydropower Development Co., Ltd. demonstrates the company’s hydropower, photovoltaic and energy storage projects, focusing on the photovoltaic production from polysilicon, battery to the battery board and final integrated. The whole industry chain, hoping through the exhibition of China’s brand day, launching brand, promotion technology, so that more people know the huge potential of Qinghai clean energy industry. Innovation, not only the distinctive orientation of the "14th Five-Year Plan", but also the shiny label of Qinghai clean energy brand. Among the four companies participating in the line, China’s Guangki Group Dedingha 50MW photothermal demonstration project adopts a trough thermally conductive oil collection heat technology route. When the light is insufficient, the storage of storage can achieve 24 hours of continuous and stable power generation. The Yellow River Company took the lead in forming a complete photovoltaic full-production industry chain, built an annual output of 3,300 tons of electronic grade polysilicon, has the first industrialization, intelligent IBC battery and component production line, can produce the current IBC battery with the highest power generation efficiency in China; Qinghai The 50MW Melted Salt Tower Solar Power Generation Project of Solar Power Generation Co., Ltd. has independently developed and completely with intellectual property; Qinghai Mingyang New Energy Co., Ltd. manufactures the first megawatt-level highlands. Adhere to innovation drivers, clean energy industry has become a representative of high quality development in Qinghai. Today, Qinghai concentrated photovoltaic machine, optical heat installation volume, cleaning energy installed, new energy installed ratio, all the national first; non-hydroelectric renewable energy is more than 25%, the national first; completed The world’s first 100-Broad Solar photovoltaic power generation empirical base, the first core technology domestic trough optical heat generated project, the world’s largest water-collected complementary power generation project … from water energy, solar to wind energy, Qinghai will energy resources advantage Transforming to the strong motivation of economic development, from innovation to ecological protection, Qinghai green "wind", depicting the bright future of green development in the plateau. (Editor: Yang Qihong, Liu Peiran).