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Party construction leads to the addition of villages to the country

"Three rural" issues are the fundamental issues of the people’s livelihood, we always have to solve the "three rural problems" as the heavy middleness of rural work. It is necessary to use the party building to promote the experience of poverty, seeking truth. Realize the truth, adhere to the party building leaders, the party management rural work, and help the revitalization of the country.

Building a strong grassroots party organization, play a model role in pioneering, helping the country’s revitalization.

In the past major construction, we can see the fighting fortress played by the party organization. Therefore, rural revitalization is also inseparable from support of the party organization.

We have to take care of the grassroots party building to promote the development of various work. At the same time, we must support the establishment of a comprehensive party members and cadres management assessment system, the village two committees, the party, the volunteer service system, etc. Solidly do the basic work such as "Three Wills and One Class", theme Party Day, on this, on this, to innovate characteristics, motivation vitality, and thrust. In addition, a series of characteristic volunteer services for different age groups can be carried out to play their respective director, supplementary rural work short board, enhance the cohesiveness and combat power of the grassroots party organization, but also let the majority of party members can adhere to their initial and mission, and finally Decline the essence of the people, and help the rural rejuvenation.

Select the best team, play the role of "leading geese", and help the village to revitalize. Rural revitalization has a soul, the key is to rely on people, especially the party organization secretary.

Therefore, we have to choose a strong two-party team, build a work platform, and lay the foundation for follow-up work.

In the process of comprehensive promotion of rural residence, in addition to the "leading geese" role of the Party Organization Secretary, it is also necessary to explore the excellent village cadres and party members, and give full play to the villagers’ autonomy. We want to have a strong cooperation to create a strong intelligence to create a business, condensed, united, and help the rural resolution.

Develop a special industry, play the village role of village, and help rural rejuvenation.

The final purpose of rural resolution is to let the people’s pockets drums, let them feel the beneficial of rural revitalization.

Developing industries, let farmers self-sufficient, can not blindly follow the wind, but to rely on their own geographical advantages, rural resources, human history, etc., develop a industrial chain suitable for local sustainable development, make a big need Strong, let the peasants’ happiness, feelings, and satisfaction. The development of the development special industry is destined to be a monster upgrade war. We have to work hard in the industry.

Today, we have fully promoted the rural resolution to carry out in full swing, we must give full play to the battle of the grassroots party organization, organize the party members and cadres to regularly carry out party membership volunteer service, theme party day activities, and actively practice "I am doing practical things for the masses", mobilization Party members and cadres are actively involved in the work of rural revitalization, adding bricks to the beautiful rural construction. (Source: Jiading District Malu Town Yan Portrait) (Editor: Mu Yili, Han Qing) Sharing Let more people see.