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Sanhai Street, Lingshan County, Qinxi, Guangxi: Give Full Play to the Ministry of Communist Party

Give full play to the role of old party members, which is conducive to the stability of social security, which is conducive to creating a peaceful and happy community. In recent years, the Sanhai Street Party Working Committee of Lingshan County actively guides the old party members to play a child, advocating the spirit of "old and learning, old music, and old, and encourages them to develop a force for the community. Grancy, play a positive role in building a harmonious community. I. Background and Motion Lingshan County have more people with retired old party members. Many old party members have long been engaged in the party’s construction work for a long time, with rich social experience and excellent traditional style. The three seas street party CPC will make full use of the advantages of this group, mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of the old party members to participate in community management services, and guide the old party members to actively participate in various activities, calling on the old party members to compete for community development.

At the same time, put the retired old party members as the entry point and breakthrough of the community party construction work, give full play to the fighting fortress role of the party branch of the retirement cadres, guide a group of old party members to play the fever, vigorously promote the traditional virtues of the people, the truth, etc. Transfer and release positive energy, gather in the community development new energy.

Second, the practice and effectiveness (1) establish and improve the support of party building. The first is to establish and improve the party organization of retired cadres.

Set up a three-sea sub-district office, 2 of the Shuanghe Community, the party branch of retired cadres, a total of 91 party members, select a batch of responsibility, high quality, good health, prestige, love and familiar with the party building work Party branch team. Creatively consolidate the Treatment agencies of the Guan Gong, the Alder Committee, the Senate Association, the Old Sports Association, and the Old Promotion Association, implements the "five brands, a set of horses" working models, achieving complementary advantages, organizations to build, resource sharing , The event is a total. The second is to grasp the construction of the old party members’ activities. Built 150 square meters of Shuanghe Community Levity Cadre’s office activities, implementing 50,000 yuan special funds, equipped with new tables and chairs, computers, printers, water dispensers, sofa and other equipment, and promoting the standardization construction of the event.

The third is to protect the activities. The "party fees return, the unit guarantee" is used to solve the problem of retirement cadres’ activities. Two a total of 2 retirement cadres have been given more than 10,000 yuan.

From March 2018, we will give the Secretary of the Retirement Party branch to 300 yuan, which inspires the enthusiasm of the old cadres.

(2) Enrich the active carrier and improve the activity.

The retired party branch actively guides the old party members to play the exemplary role of the pioneer, combined with the "two-day dispute" theme activity, at the second Thursday volunteer service day, organize the old party members to actively carry out the help, claim "mental wish "

Since 2018, we have to organize the Township Township, participate in all kinds of literary evenings, and have a total of more than 70 times, enrich the amateur cultural life of the masses, and have strongly publicized the party’s policy. Under the influence of the demonstration leading role of the old party members, the Shuanghe Community has established a stable community volunteer team. There are more than 1,000 volunteers, young volunteers, "five old" volunteers, and literary volunteers, 2018 The Shuanghe Community won the honorary title of "National Most Beautiful Volunteer Service Community". (3) Implementing the internal assistance of the party and enhances the cohesiveness of party organizations.

The "Party Mutual Assistance Foundation" has been established in the way "Organization Linkage, Branch Lead, and Party Meets". It has long helped difficult party members, difficult people, and it is difficult to help.

The fund is special, special person management, and the party members’ donation, social donation, rescue party members, etc., establish a file, regularly publicly disclosed in the party affairs public column, accept party members and social supervision.

At present, there are 128 members of the Foundation, and the foundation of the Foundation has raised about 25,000 yuan to help condolences to difficult party members and 275 old party members.

The party’s internal mutual assist enables party members to feel the warmth of the party organization "big family", and also enhance the sense of identity and belonging of party members, and play an important role in promoting social harmony within the community. (4) Strengthen the demonstration leadership and establish an advanced role model. Select the old party member of the tree, let the old party members become "one flag" and guide more young people to love the party patriotic love. Comrade Dun Naiqing, the old party member of the three seas streets, retired in July 1998, but he retired, and served as a number of old-age organizations such as the Street Old Sports Association, the retirement association, and the cooperation of the work.

In 2016, Comrade Dun Naiqing has built a patriotic education point, which has built a patriotic education point, free to party members.

The patriotic education point has established the farm bookstore, 100 outstanding contributions to the new China, the publicity and education column, the party history of the party, the Lingshan County revolutionary martyrs publicity and education column, including more than 2,000 people in the farm bookstore A total of more than 200 species.

According to statistics, the patriotic education point has more than 1,000 people, party members, and cadres in the vocational education point. Comrade Dun Naiqing has received a total of more than 170 rewards and honors in the country, the whole district, and the city. Amided of 2015 "National Care Next Generation Advanced Personal Personal Personal", 2016, 2011-2015 National Legal Publicity and Education Model Personal "Wait, set the benchmark for young party members.

Third, experience and revelation in the construction of urban community, pay close attention to the self-construction of the community party organization, continuously enhance the cohesiveness, combat power and heart, unity and lead the old party members, the old cadres to play an advantage and role around civilized and harmonious community, contribute to the development of the community .

(1) To pay attention to the establishment of chapter, create a strong battle fort.

The organization construction and system construction is the cornerstone and guarantee of the work of the old party members. On the one hand, the construction of the community worker team is strictly in accordance with the relevant regulations, and more young party members can go to the community service to give full play to the role of "old with new", so that excellent traditions have been inherited. On the other hand, the establishment of the establishment of the establishment of the establishment is to conscientiously implement the conventional system of the party branch. According to the actual situation of the community and the characteristics of the old party members, they are constantly exploring innovative working models, and truly play the model role of the old party members.

(2) Pay attention to people-oriented, build a warm home member.

When implementing various systems and activities, community party organizations, strive to achieve people-oriented, and fully consider what they need to think about old party members. If the learning system is implemented, in addition to the concentrated theory of the Monthly fixed learning day, different themes, different forms of education practice activities are regularly launched. If the "July" is "collective political birthday", "collective political birthday", etc.

These activities can not only deepen learning results, but also stimulate the enthusiasm of the old party members.

Community party organizations can also actively guide the old party members to learn from their home through TV broadcasts, newspapers and magazines, etc. Not fall behind. (3) Pay attention to the construction of the carrier and play the pioneering role of the old party members. Innovative the old party members play with the cultural life of rich old party members.

Using major festivals such as "July 1", organize the old party members to carry out celebrations, through the expression of the party, sing the expression of the motherland, unite the strength of all parties, and create a festive festive atmosphere, and in depth the party’s policy spirit Promote the new social and cultural life of the masses. Through continuous innovation activities, the social benefits are pursued while paying attention to activity attractions, and the spiritual cultural life of rich old party members and the role of the old party members are organically combined. (Editor: Song Chen, Qiaoyan Qiong).