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The highest inspection authority issued the "two studies and one" learning to study and educate the specification of the specific scheme

Original title: The highest inspection authority issued the "two studies and one" learning education, institutionalization, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, "The Supreme Prosecution" and the Supreme Prosecution, "The Decision of the School of Learning Education" (below Calling the "Specific Scheme"), from strict implementation of the organizational life system, comprehensively strengthen the construction of the Party branch, etc., the implementation of the "Opinions on the Institutionalization of Learning Education Normalization". "Specific Program" points out that strict implementation of the organization’s life system, earnestly formulate an annual plan, organize the "three sessions", actively carry out the theme party day activities, and do the 19th National Spirit and Implement, and open the Topic Democracy. And organize life meetings, earnestly organize the party construction work, and solidly promote the "two learning and one" learning education normalification institutionalization.

The "specific plan" requires, comprehensively strengthens the construction of the party branch, and strives to learn the organization’s foundation for the schooling of education. First, implement the requirements of "one post and double responsibility".

Among them, the Secretary of the Party Branch should take the initiative to take the main responsibility of the branch, take the lead in implementing the branch system, and do a good job in the recurrent ideological and political work of Party members. The second is to play the role of party members, smooth party members express opinions channels, and improve party members incentive help. The third is to effectively strengthen the construction of grassroots organizations, conscientiously implement the "Regulations on China ‘s Communist Party and State Organization Grassroots Organization", and continue to perform the deepening implementation of seven key tasks. The fourth is to strictly regulate the collection of party fees to further improve the basic system to standardize party fees. The fifth is to carry out the communication of the working support, create an advanced experience. Sixth is an innovative grassroots organization life carrier to enhance the vitality of organizational life.

"Detached Program" emphasizes that it is necessary to strengthen the classification and guidance, establish and improve the "two learning and one" to learn the schooling institutionalization. Party members should follow the "four speeches and four" standards, in accordance with party regulations, comparison of the party constitutes, and strive to advance and typical, efforts to perform political qualifications, executive discipline, qualified, and function. The party organizations of the various seventh units should use the "lamp under the lamp" in the various halls as an important content, fully compaction responsibility, and formulate a list of responsible lists, task lists, questions, and list of measures, and strict inspection.

It is necessary to keep learning education around the difficulties and weaknesses of business work and team building, and two promotion. The Party Committee of the Organization has strengthened the work and establishment and improve the supervision and guidance mechanism of the work of the party branch.

"Specific Program" also made detailed deployments on the demonstration of party members’ leading cadres demonstrate, strengthen publicity public opinion guidance.

(Reporter Xu Ri Dan) (Editor: Yang Lina, Chang Xuemei).