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Photo: Direct Help Special Warfare Jungle Pursuit Exercise Site

People’s Daily Nian Ning On November 5 Recently, a capture battle drill started in a mountainous area in Guizhong Dadi, and the Armed Police Guangxi General Team special warfare team quickly assembled.

After arriving at the mission area, the command immediately developed the terrain, deploying the force, and the teams were quickly launched in accordance with the designated plan. With jungle cover, the special warfare players take the target area based on the prior scouting situation.

"The reconnaissance group reports, the front house discovery goals.

"According to the intelligence from the reconnaissance group, each group of team members immediately adjust the war, alternately cover, roundabout approach the target area, and dispatched the attack to persuade the group to attract the target attention.

"Assault!" With the commander’s order, the special battle player quickly slammed from the resident house, launched a strong attack, and put the task target uniform.

It is understood that the drill mainly surrounds the concealed reconnaissance, group tactics, mountains, armed pursuit, rescuing hostages, red-blue confrontation, and testing the participants in a strange geographies, test the anti-reconnaissance of special warfare, anti-hijacking, Fighting skills such as armed pursuit, improve the ability of the special warfare to perform diverse task.

(He Ke, Deng Xingyu, Wu Mingjiang) (Editor: Wu Mingjiang, Ye Bin) Sharing let more people see.