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The national unity is a family: "He really treats me as a loved one."

Original title: "He is really a relative" "Fan Grandpa, I haven’t seen you for a long time, are you still good?" On October 24th, the Di Layuji, the tax bureau of the Shanshan County, remembered the far In Jiangsu’s exaggeration, I can’t help but pick up my phone to play a call. "Fan Grandpa took me as a granddaughter, and I always remember me.

Since the meeting, he often hangs in the mouth, that is, I will enter the party quickly. Although I have already left Shan, I have already left Shan, but I still call him a good news. Fan Grandpa knew that I was happy in the future. "Speaking of the exaggeration, Di Laijin is warm. The exaggeration of the exaggeration of seventeen years old is the alkali-lived elderly in the 鄯 县 乡 村, then he has no economic source, only Relying on rescue funds to maintain livelihoods. In November 2016, in the "national united family", Di Limoir and the exhibition were a relative. The first time I went to the exhibition of the Fangjia, let Dili Nur Remembrance is still fresh. "When you enter the narrow room, it is a debris everywhere, and it is not possible to fall.

The old man who is black, and the face of the old man is distressed. "Di Laiur memories," a bed and small tables are the most like furniture in the house. The only value is the TV. There is no stool, I am sitting on the iron bucket of his home. chatting.

"From that day, Di Limin and the price will contact us. When you encounter difficulties in life, you will call her.

Under the taking care of Di Lune, the quality of life of the exaggeration is gradually improved.

Although there are more contacts, the ownership of the older and still lives, Di Layo can’t rest assured. As a result, Di Lidell contacted the Shanshan County Welfare Institute. After the old man entered the Welfare Institute, Di Limir still regularly visited fruit and health products to the welfare home, listening to the story of his old man. The number of granddaughters is too many, and the exhibition is good, and people have a good granddaughter. Sometimes the old man who wants to read granddaughter will also take the initiative to call Di Layur, care about her life and work.

"Granddaughter, I don’t have to eat, I hope you will take a look at me, but I know that you are busy, you have a few calls to talk to me." One day, the old man said in the phone. I remembered the content of the call, Di Limin is still sour: "Grandpa rarely ask for, but that time, he is looking forward to telling me this way, I know that he is really treating me, I need me Care and companionship. "From then on, Di Laiur developed the habit of often talking to the elderly, sharing your own daily life with the elderly.

Di Laiur is still on your own WeChat friends circle to donate clothes for the elderly, and will also bring the volunteer service team to help the elderly clean the room, and organize the debris.

Such a life continued until 2019, and the old man was returned to Jiangsu home by relatives. Since then, the "grandfather" has been in connection with the two places, but it has not been broken. In November 2020, the extension of the exhibition told Di Laiur’s own social security card suddenly could not use it normally, and it is necessary to return to the opening of the county. In order not to let the 70-year-old elderly long-distance rush, Di Limin contacts the "Two Committee" of the Shanshan County Rural Credit Cooperative, the Social Security Bureau, the Civil Affairs Bureau and the alkaliun Village, helping the Fan, to solve this problem. In the past 4 years, a little thing, a little bit of concern, let two people who don’t know each other become relatives.

Even if it is thousands of miles, it can’t resist this more and more affection. (Zhang Ruilin) ??(Editor: Yang Rui, Han Ting) Sharing let more people see.