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2017 Snooker Masters Semifinal O’Sullivan vs Fu Jiajun Online Live Address
After six days of intense fighting in the 2017 Snooker Masters, all of the semi-finals came out. O’Sullivan, Fu Jiajun, Perry and Hawkins advanced. Today’s semifinals will kick off, 21:00 O’Sullivan vs Fu Jiajun, Fu Jiajun continuedCan the status reach the finals?Can Hawkins play steadily and make it to the finals for two consecutive years?Don’t miss out on the live broadcast of this website!  奥沙利文vs傅家俊在线直播地址:点击进入    两人近况  2017年斯诺克大师赛伦敦当地时间19日进行了两场四分之一决赛的较量,结果火箭奥沙利文和中国香港选手傅家俊都击败Their respective opponents broke into the semifinals.  Defending champion O’Sullivan defeated the 2012 champion and Australian player Robertson 6:3 in the first game and entered the semifinals for the 13th time in his career.Fu Jiajun defeated Northern Ireland’s Mark Allen 6-2, and after 2008 and 2011, he reached the semifinals for the third time.Fu Jiajun also scored 140 points in a single shot in the seventh inning, which is the highest single shot score so far in this game. If no one exceeds this score, he will receive a £10,000 single shot bonus.  O’Sullivan and Fu Jiajun will meet on the 21st to compete for the finals.The 41-year-old Rockets had previously won six Masters titles. If they again win the title, they will become the player who has won the most Masters titles in history.  比赛分析  两人过往交手27次,奥沙利文16胜3平8负占据上风,双方最近一次交手在去年英国锦标赛半决赛,奥沙利文虽然决胜局战胜傅家俊,但傅家俊此时状态已经回暖,接Down the Scottish Open, Fu Jiajun’s state broke out and won the championship.In this game, O’Sullivan’s state is very unstable. In the first round, Liang Wenbo made a major mistake and sent the fire teacher to promote. However, in the quarter-finals, he faced Robertson’s multiple simple ball mistakes. If Robertson was out of luck, the fire teacher must be out of this state.And Fu Jiajun still continued the previous hot feeling in this game, the first round of three shots to break the 100-point killing quasi-God Trump, the second round of the game scored the highest score of 140 points 6-2 to take advantage of Allen, if Fu Jiajun maintained his state, beat the general stateThe chance of O’Sullivan is still great.Next game: 2017 Snooker Masters semi-final Joe Perry VS Hawkins online live address extended reading: 2017 Snooker Masters 1/4 finals Ding Junhui vs Perry match video recording 2017 Snooker Masters 1/4 Finals Hawkins vs Selby match video recording 2017 Snooker Masters schedule time against table (Beijing time) 2017 Snooker Masters online video live broadcast address