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Ulan: Establishing Service Consciousness Building a Health Barrier

Since the development of the Party’s history, the Ulan Prefecture Health System organizes all medical staff to inacculate the new crown virus vaccine in compliance with conditions, and build a new crown pneumonia immune barrier in the county.The medical staff responsible for vaccination of new crown virus vaccine is connected to the night at night, and the 15077 dosage vaccination is injunction. It is very difficult, and the difference is very hard, the same move, the same language to repeat hundreds of times a day.

…… The medical staff of the Ulan Prefecture CDC is the first person in the county to vaccinate the new crown virus vaccine.She said: "I am a disease-controlled staff, we must take the lead in vaccination. We will do our best to make professional power, and make the masses to successfully complete the vaccination at home, next, will continue to increase the new crown vaccine.The propaganda of inoculation, enhance the knowledge rate of the masses, and do the ‘should pick up.

(Source: Qaidam Daily Wu Tingting) (Editor: Liu Peiran, Ganhai Qiong).