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Formation rather than maintaining all spending,From East River Bo, Jeju,Come with South River in Yangzhou。

North Qi has also reached a peace agreement with Nan Chen。North Qi’s two Huaiqi and northern skin,Livestock can pass the intermittent sequential canal,Arrive at two transfer stations,Then transfer to Nan Chen,And Nan Chen’s silk,Rice,brick tea,You can go all over the country north.。
Domestic tax,Checkup tax,Local tax,It is all the figures of astronomical numbers to set up the ban.。
If it is not because of this,How does Gao Bi may play such a big reform plan??
“Hey-hey,Section,I know you have a heart.,but,Things are not so simple。”
Gao Biyi is a person who lined up,Squake the military camp。
Northern Dynasty Survival Record
NS330chapter Salt pool battle(superior)
High performance in Linyi, Shanxi, Pingyang,I don’t know how the city of Yucheng,It is planning to have a big knife,But even if you know,He will not regret that this will attack。 :a
the reason is simple,Bringing soldiers can not have military power and prestige。When Han Xin wants Liu Bang, I will,Isn’t it because it’s a prestige??If the prestige is high,Why do you have to post??
Compared to the high ocean,Changshan Wang high performance is deeply self-motivated,Unmanaged。This is just a chance,Can pick up the West Wei,Then won the military power。
This is that he promised Gao Baoyi with a ban.“Go out”Reason for real reasons。
Even how about the banned army of Yucheng,It’s nothing more than the group and disperse,Can you still exclude him??
Brew for a few months,Made a fake action of countless attack jade,today,I finally got a picture of the poor.。
“Hose,Everything is ready,Will it start now??”
Uniform,I asked with a sombrer in the army。
Among the old man,Since the point of operation is Yushu City,He will play with high performance.?
“Start as waiting。”
“Such very well。”Billow light will pick the helmet,Sitting on the hamma,calmly,Not talk。
The first step in this combat,It is not to directly attack Yusheng City directly to the west.,But to south,Fand in Quave River
Then walk the mountain ancient road,Southern Xinxi County now Wen Xixian。
Wenxi County ancient titles Tongxiang,Qin Shi is renamed Zuo Yu County,Han Wu Emperor Liu Che Etiend is here to welcome the panan.“Smell”,It is a city of Yuncheng, Shanxi Province.。
This place is small,But the location is very critical。It is located in southwestern Shanxi Province,The junction of the Yuncheng Basin and Linyi Basin,Attack the city,Go backon,Yuncheng Plain,Ancient Anzhen。
These places are in the control of the West Wei.。
Originally here there is a official road,This is the construction of the Western Han Dynasty,Relying on the Lingling Ridge,There are maintenance in the DPRK,So what is this official??
There is a salt pool in the south of Anzhen,historical。According to legend,The era of the Emperor Emperor,People began to pick up the natural crystalline in the water in the summer。During the Spring and Autumn Period,Yuncheng salt pool has been famous。
Salt pool south of the mountain,Beimbai Lingling,Alternate,West,East,North and south,Circumference60kilometer,The total area132Square mile,Shape is like a natural pottery。
Produced salt,Over the Han Dynasty、Lu、Hope、sweet、Shaanxi,Significantly known。
I still exist today.
only,There are countless cottages in this area.。These city cottages are not,It’s all after the two mid war of things.,Yu Wentai is established。
That is to prevent the Northern Southern Lower Salt Pool。
High-class,I know the financial resources of a country,Very large part is salt tax controlled salt,Is equal to controlling wealth。
What is the use of Yuxi City?,Salt pool in the West Wei,Let the people in Wei Guo to eat salt,Let Yu Wen’s financial collapse,Isn’t it important to get more than a few city??
So he made a gesture,Learning old man high-hitting to attack Yushu City,That is all to do it.,Real goal,It is to win the salt pool of the West Wei.。
This is his long time with two people who have discovered the light.,Overthrew a lot of programs,I am not willing to get soy sauce in Linyi.,Judging the kill。