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Summer is not moving。

He knew that the Eight-pole Holy King had a big loss in the mountains.,Always,Now I finally moved the murder。
He is not too worried。
The heterogeneous space is unlimited,Transfer,He is hard to encounter with the eight pointed kings.。
The other party is impossible to give up the top three times to chase yourself.。
Important,Summer is now not vegetarian。
He is still not the opponent of the eight-pointed king,But the other party wants to kill him,Also pay the price。
Not exaggerated,Summer is now completely released。
He is not afraid of death.。
If you can solve the mad http://www.kato365.cndanger,Then the earth’s crisis is equally unspeakable.,It is false and how。
on the contrary,If it is the last madness,Where can he escape?。
“Ha ha。”
At this time,Control is working with the team’s companion, don’t know what to say,Suddenly happy。
He raised his head,Turn four,Spiration is looking at summer,Mouth opening,I don’t know what to say by no sound speaking.。
Summer laughs,Go and go。
Nearby,I suddenly,All look at。
Concession face,“summer,what are you doing!”
“Old hybrid,Do you not understand lip?。”
Merely,Summer disappeared,A punch to the management。
He went all the way,The madness in my heart has been pressed,It is no longer decisive for a lot of things.,Embezzle。
Today is about to fight with madness,Summer thinks there is no need to endure。
Bang!The hurricane violently like a huge waves,Air sudden flood ripple,Space is like a mirror generally has an intensive crack。
A nearly crystal fist,Shuttle in the broken distortion。
A piece around,All corners are very surprised。
This summer is really no concern.,I dare to do it directly here.,It’s not sad.。
All people around do not hesitate to retreat around for four weeks。
“boom”Control face,Dragonfly arms,The two make a sound of the sky,The perimeter is like a water wave texture。
Da da da。
The manifold is shocked and retreats for seven eight steps.,The face changed again,Youth white red interlaced,Qi and blood。
call out!Summer shape,It’s just like lightning.,Go back to the palm,It’s another windy.。
Palm is not arriving,The bluestone plate on the ground has been blown away.,All collapse。
All people nearby have discolored。
Really, this punch is vigorous,Such strength is too mad,Several closeness of heaven and earth。
Those who have seen many conscripts in summer and managers have been concluded.
Just twenty years,Summer strength seems to improve a big cut。
Now face the inheritance again,Governing does not have the power of the hand。
Governing anger,Cross the arms again。