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It must be the mysterious killer appeared in the dark.。

NS4103chapter Shot
NS4103chapter Shot
Wuzhang color iron,Going to the bodies of Xiao Yu,Slowly。
He has a fire in his heart,There is a murderous killing,But I can’t find the direction.。
Slowly reach,Light in the mouth of Xia,Reception。
After a few interest,Face does not help change。
Under a punch,The bones of the whole body of Wua are not only broken,Even the heart of the intercourse is also shocked.。
His affected fire can be residual,It is Wu Shu’s movement。
“Can kill Xiao Yu,The other party is inevitably a good news that is good at fire.。”
Wu Shu has gone this conclusion,Rotating and brow,“but……Who is he?……not good,Fuji Mountain is dangerous……”
Not finished,Face change。
He immediately took out the message, Quick contact in Fuji Mountain。
Unable to contact。
Aim,Two interest,Three interest……Foot-footed 60 interest,Still no connection。
The face of Wu Shu has become difficult to see。
Just succeeded,Turn again in the edge。
His faint speculation,I am afraid that Fujimshan is also fierce.。
Just as otherwise,Killed by the goddess。
At this moment,The nearby small road has been completely blocked by Wuzi’s hand.。
A member of the war。
Talking is a middle-aged,He swallowed the water,“We traced it for nearly five or six years.,But it really didn’t pay attention,Which forces are in the same way?,At least a lot of great power,We all secretly investigate。”
Toned,Middle-aged,“Before chasing the floor,Our eyeliner has discovered the guy called summer.,Two 御 also http://www.minxingshiye.cnvigorously block,Later, the news of the filament,Can only give up……”
His voice is getting lower and lower,The meaning of the words is obvious。
Wuzi slowly,Stare at each other,“what do you mean,Their death,Related to summer?”
Do not wait for each other,He shook his head,“impossible,Summer kid although hidden strength,But it is just a level,This world,Maybe there is an invincible strong,But there is absolutely no strong person who can spike the same order。”
Middle-aged people Zhang Zhang,I will never say anything.。
“Order,Everyone searches me the body and relics of the millet,If you find any clues,I have a reward。”
People around us gradually dispersed。