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Bigger,The more exciting the audience between live broadcasts,All is in the pig brother。

“Row,I asked Xuan Ge,If he is willing to come,I will come。”
Pig brother hesitatus,Still agreed,original,He still feels a bit bullying,But look at the barrage,I don’t think they can win.,All are blowing Xuan Ge!
This makes him a bit can’t help but go.!
He admitted,Xuan Ge is very strong!
But he is stronger,Also just a person!
I gathered so many game anchors here.,There are still a few of them.,It’s hard to have a good time to play.?
Immediately,He went to Xuan Ge’s live broadcast room,Question。
“Xuan Ge is really powerful.!”
“Xuan brother is a real God of War,Go to the career forget!”
“What is the good job?,Xuan Ge’s heart is not suitable for professional teams!”
Shen Xuan finished a game,The live broadcast is the voice of the discussion.,Very easy to rely on the chair。
Eating chicken this game,For Shen Xuan’s development of IQ to the ultimate person,There is no challenging。
He is the god of this game!
No matter what map,What location is,What gun,Can do it!
No difficulty!
“Ding……User pig brother gives ten rockets!”
suddenly,A prompt audio,I saw the pig brother.,Two words don’t say,First sent ten rockets first。
“Pig brother,sure,Understanding!”
“Hand will come again,What is wrong with this time??”
“I must have an excuse for myself.,I can guess。”
“Xuan Ge,Don’t agree,Pig brother, this guy is going to bull you with a lot of anchors.。”
People in live broadcast have said,Some people know the news of the anchor alliance in advance.,I reminded Shen Xuan。
“Thanks to the ten rockets of pig brother,Thank you!”
Shen Xuan heard prompts,I also said thank you.,After all, this ten rockets are also a small gift.。
“Xuan Ge,There is another game,are you coming?”
Pig brother has issued the barrage directly,Ask:“You just kill me,Missing many people think that you are hanging,Those anchor has built a league,To fight you,Ask you to come?”