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Yuan Gong Lord,“Gorgeous,The three people are the seed players in the Taoizhi.,All have reached Tong Tianjing,The strength is also reluctant to go,This gods list,There are opportunities for stabilizing two hundred times.。”

Sitting in the center of the center is not available,Trip。
Immediately asked,“Who are the strength of your strength?,What is the position of the Millennium Gon。”
Yuan Qingliang pointed to Xiao Qingzhu,“is her,The last gods287Position。”
“287……”Zhou Chang is like,Let’s go straight to Xiaoshuo,road,“You are now full of hits,Can break a few dry gold plates。”
Before not completing the power of chaos,Five Series Test Substance,Still http://www.400jl.cnin a dry gold disk。
Instead of summer and Gogjian testing redemption。
Usually,An ordinary wilderness in the outside world,You can cut ten dry gold disks into two paragraphs。
Trifler,Usually all overlays。
In other words,Construction of the practice of practice,If you reach the tenth day,Under one’s hits,At least 20 dry gold。
Every more,Also indicates the progress of the skill。
After listening at this moment,绫 清 清 不 不 假 道,“Cut twenty-six。”
Zhou Lao Zhang shake his head,Slightly disappointed and regret。
“These days,We inspect all the avenues one by one,139Taoine is our last stop。”
Paused,“Two hundred of the last gods list,It is from99Downtown inflammation,He is now full,Can break the thirty two dry gold plates,You want to hit two hundred times,There is still a small gap。”
Talk,绫 清 竹,A little pale,Some are not convinced。
“Tomb,Sometimes how much dry gold disk can be broken,Does not mean itself……”Not finished,Zhou Gong old is oblique,“Of course,Maybe he really has stronger,You are progressing,Others are also progressing。”
绫清 语语,Mute。
The Yuan Gongli next to it immediately,“Gorgeous,I will urge them to practice.……”Zhou Gong is old,Unheverstright,“Now all Taoizhi knows the news of special training,Which disciple does not double practice?”
Yuan Gong’s heart is sighing。
He knows,This invisible pressure,The general will fall on these scattered monogle。
The meaning of the dialect is very obvious.。
Other Daoong disciples should step up time practice,Labor distribution……I’m falling on these scattered monogle.。
Similar case,Not the first time。
However, Yuan Gong is still ready to fight.。
“Gorgeous,You don’t know,In recent days,Xiaku Xiaozhu and Wang Temple have tested awakened blood veins.。”
“Topping blood?”
Zhou Chang didn’t think I am smiling,“The one I said before,But the ancestral blood,Synchronous practice,What can I have a good one?。”
Yuan Gong advocated Zhang mouth,Mute。
“Old Yuan,I am telling you by telling you.,We are for you139The development potential of the Taoizhi is not to report too much hope.。”
Zhou Gong, Shake,Probarator is landscape on the desktop。
Happen,There are ten stores in a straight line appeared on the table.。 This labor task,Give you ten units.,Last time you complete the task is excellent,The elderist is very appreciated.,I hope that this time don’t let us down.。”