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“Ding,Detecting the key,Deposit a weapon crystal1000。”

The system ring is ringing,Compared with the hidden soul3000crystal,The key to the domain1000crystal,A little small。
Han Jiang is not deposited,Use too vain sword to control if water。
this time,He felt the huge power in the god,There are also the laws of interference of their own ideas.。
When exposed to the hidden soul,Han Jiang strength is too weak。
All processes are excluded from the system,This time, Han Jiang felt something in the midst of God.。
then,Han Jiang injection into the crack,The water flow appears next to the water,There is still a sword with one in one.。
Han Jiang’s manipulation is not good,Although there is a water flow but soft,There is no way to kill the enemy.。
Picked up a water,Playing a few as a knife of Beichen,Han Jiang put the sword。
Han Jiang also picked up a long gun。
The classroom in the female waters in the Santa Feria School,Kii explains the use of the long gun。
But Ji is more familiar with the big sword.,How many people don’t have this weapon at the time?,I haven’t teached。
Some simple postures,Han Rong is still。
The key to the domination can absorb special attributes to collapse,And release。
Han Jiang injected into the fire attribute,Gunhead,Dancing tiger tiger。
After playing a set of moving,Han Jiang put down the long gun。
This time, there is no system prompts to interrupt the badge.,Prove that Hanjiang’s control does have some improvement。
May also have the key to the key to special reasons,In short, Han Rong has certain improvements is affirmative.。
“Squad leader,Is there any kind of big knife?,The key of the gods and the like?”Han Jiang asked。
Han Jiang thought about it,Use double swords youomes,If you can fight with the enemy,Instant Tang knife income system warehouse,Take out the big knife or the hife knife to cut the enemy。
Visual change plus weapon changes,Underneath,The other party may defeat。
“The key to God can change with the user’s mind,You can try to change the long gun to what you want.,like this。”
Fuhua said,I have been watching something like ornament in her wrist.,A boxing set,The whole arm of the arm is wrapped up.。
“Uh,I need some time。”Han Rong said。
Fuhua also put away too empty,After pushing a push-to-eye frame:“It seems that you can use the key to use it normally.,But want to change the shape of the gods,Temporarily can’t。”
Fuhua will pick up the water on the side of the ground,Hanjiang said:“Then it is handed over to you.。”
Fuhua nodded。
Han Jiang Xinxi is madman picking up the red,Let the system reclaim the weapon,Suddenly1000Crystal to the account,Let Hanjiang feel a big fortune。
Look at the lower crystal balance,Foot2013indivual,It’s a little more than a while.。
“Then let’s take a look at the weapon.。”Hanjiang demanded。
After the key to God,Han Jiang has to increase the pulse Tang knife.。
太 虚 城,Place of building a weapon does not want Han Jiang to think about the iron。
All weapons are placed in the building,Semi-finished products。
The center of the room has a very large machine,The main control station has not been opened yet。