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Although there is no reason,But the basic combat awareness is still,He knows this continues,The whole body will only be frozen,So I chose a backward。

But just in the moment of retreat of Geuria,The night in front of the night is suddenly light,A matched silver light is blooming on the song in the song.。
Strike the wind,In the eyes of everyone surprised,Directly divided into two huge songs,Even the last strests have left a deep gully after they have their body.!
Everyone is stupid,Including in a hurry“Rockey”Main force。
Rockey is also left behind in the security floor.,When receiving the message from the group,They are almost rushing from horses.。
And just rushed here,They saw this scene in front of them.,The song is solved by a knife.!
And this song,But not before ordinary songs,According to the members of the assistant,This song is a monster,Power is comparableLV5!
But now it is better thanLV5Monster,Just in front of them,I was broken by a knife.?
Do not,Let’s not say that the other,Even the ordinary songs are also comparable.LV4Present,One knife can kill each other,Then this person who smashes this,Strong strength?
“Just a period of time.,His strength has become stronger!”
Ai Si touchs the sword of the waist,Looking at the back of the night,Infinite feelings。
With completely mastered“Royal sword”,Ais succeeded in breaking its own limits,As a result of Eura LiliLV6。
Original Ai,went upLV6Yourself,The distance between the night is already smaller.,But after seeing the scene,Ai is instantly indifferent。
Because even she is growing,And even the use of just learned“Royal sword”Oi,I can’t kill the song, I can’t kill the song.。
A knife will be obliquely,Night has already closed the knife,And everyone has finally slowed over from the state of surprising.。
“Must destroy the magic stone in his body,Otherwise, he will still renew it again.!”
Universal Africt also shocked the strength of the night,But I saw Jolia that regenerates again.,I am busy reminding the night.。
“Forehead,Do you want to ruin the magic stone??That’s not white.?”
Seeing the singer of the singer of the singer,Night is also revealing a helpless,I thought it was able to fish again.,As a result, I have to bubble.。
A prismatic ice is taken from night.,Instant cave pendant to Liao naked magic stone。
Instantaneous moment in the magic stone,I still standing Jolia,Suddenly, it is like lost all the strengths.。
Instanta in Georia,A warm cheering also sounded around,Because they live!
After all of this,Night, just returned, I am going to hell with Bell.,The body suddenly fell to the front of it.。
No one in the night, no need to look at people,Single and softness from the chest,Night, I know who is that he is.。
And in this world,There is this stinky,It seems to have only one person。
“Night,Night is really coming back,Do you know how much I am worried??Why do you want to stay in the underground city??”
Herssia is on the night of the night,It’s like idiot’s average smell of the night.,Confirm that you are not dreaming,I beg in the eye and blame the night.。
“Hessia,These things go back and I will explain,But can I come down from me now??
You are God’s adult,So many people here now,Is it rare not afraid to lose the dignity of God??”
Night, pushing the head of Hessia continuously,Have to say that it comes to this world,These gods are characterful,Simply refreshing the three views of the night。
“What is the relationship?,Anyway, the night is the best child.,Give the best children,Is this not normal??”
Hussia said uncomfortable,But the night, but I feel that I don’t want to abduct the crime of Loli Goddess.。