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This is a fact。

It is also a major disadvantage of the way。
Especially in the later period,And not to mention the level on the realm,Only the energy required,That is, it is several times the same as the godman.。
if not,The power of the road and the power of chaos can have strong god energy。
Come from ancient times,Tens of millions of years,The second generation only has three main owners.,There is no third generation。
Chaos eight top day this level,It is a natural,Sadman。
Even if these people are young when they are young, they are also super genius.。
At the time of talking,In the field situation。
I saw the side of the summer.,Fast speed to the ultimate,Creating a light group。
at the same time,A mysterious breath is filled。
Next moment,Summer shape is completely disappeared。
Cracked ground,Only the sword of the sky is stirring。
The second style of God,A total of thirty-six hits,Sweet light。
Every sword out,It seems that there is a world.,Bias speed fast if lightning,Can’t capture even my mind。
Just in an instant,Wu Hao, which originally occupied the wind,Not only is saved by the summer,And seize the opportunity,The attack of the crazy rain is violent to the extreme,Change to him, continue to retreat。
On the martial art,I have never seen it more imoyable than the hands of the wind.。
Although it is called with the iron sword,Wein is not weak at all。
Unique shortcomings,It is limited to the skill of summer.,Unable to get it to the extreme。
So much,The power of the sword is not the understanding of the Men’s Men.。
Since the second grade of the hand of the hand,This is the first time in the summer.。
His blood is boiling,Warfare festival。
Tie Wu, who is not far away, retreat。
He is full of appearance。
Earlier, I also competed for the first person under the god of education.,Can now be found,Where is the strong in the world?。
Really, there is a mountain high in the mountain。
This unknown young power from which it comes out.,Too strong,It turned out to fight with Wu Zi and did not fall。
“I really made the second style of God’s hand.。”
Luo Water Road,“if not,Can’t play such strong power at all……”
Master did not speak in the east,Looking at the summer of summer。
This gesture,This momentum,There is also this enemy-like meteorology,I seem to see the shadow of the old man。