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A arrogant man,Long is still like Zhou Xingxing,One wants to have a figure,Woman with face with face,This choice is to indicate the answer.。

Saving people can not be wronged。
Liao Wenjie out of the elevator,Analyze the current situation,He accounts for an advantage、High-quality value、Heroes save the United States、Onlookers and other factors,Several combination of punches in a row,And Tang Judi Chamber is not a problem。
How to fight,Kill the soup Judi tablet does not stay,Lack of good time,For example, come again to save the United States。
Unfortunately,Time is too rush,Otherwise, he will kill Tang Judi.。
upstairs,Liao Wenjie leaving,Cheng Wenjing squatted on the couch,Think about this for a while,Think of that,A sense of responsibility,One didn’t sleep well。
the next day,Cheng Wenjing into the assistant office,Didn’t see Liao Wenjie’s little disappointment,But there is a new rose on the desk.。 Sneak,Do not say。
after an hour,Tang Judi enters the assistant office,I am free to say hello.,Inform Liao Wenjie today, please,I walked into my own office.。
Cheng Wenjing sighs,Contrast too disparity,Shake, no more,I am concentrated on my work.。
Grasping the company’s documents are still going,To urge it as soon as possible,Early end,Liao Wenjie also opened earned money earlier。
the other side,Liao Wenjie,He wakes up in the morning,Eat breakfast,Send a rose to leave directly,Take a taxi to the elite center。
I studied the white paper with high progress last night.,Great King Kong legs have several places unclear,Special way to ask Guan Wang Dai。
Have a morning in the grocery,I will go home at two o’clock in the afternoon.。
Grasping the company’s documents have Cheng Wenjing to help,Safarity,Hold by the old king,He except for everyday cultivation,Only one thing,Staring at the first floor elevator。
That’s it,Also arrange a clock white-winning night。
Great King Kong Leg has not been introduced to cultivate daily,Liao Wenjie’s project per day,Iron sand palm、Spring-style rain,I added a thousand years later last night.。
No need to worry,Have yourself after I fell asleep。
Recently he found an interesting thing,Getting-level iron sand palm,Attacking force is far from breaking the iron waters at the initial entry level,Grade,Tie sand has a lot of。
In other words,System reward martial arts,The cheats that are smashed by the Ghost Wang Dhaka have a lot.。
This is a very important discovery,Iron sand palm can also upgrade system,The same amount of small money,Investment iron sand palm comparative loss。
【Spring-style rain】Taoism is difficult to practice,In addition to proficiency,High quality and quantity of mental strengths。
He aliened one,Abandoned the dragon watery,Specializing in the effect of evil spirits,A few days of cultivation,Progress is very considerable。
Arm,The scratches left in the three houses have been completed.,There is no scar。
very good,Practice,Another sale of money!
Gaojin gift white paper is very interesting,Pretty population,Is a misconduct,Speaking is a self-cultivation of the heart,Focus on the ultimate application of the mental force。
According to Liao Wenjie’s words,That is,Hypothesis,The main purpose of this door is to save,With minimal output,Exchange the biggest effect。
Create this high person,Is a top genius,He is due to physique,Thunder is less than the same age。He did not give up cultivation,Another way,Created a sword。
pity,Lonely,When you get this book,Lack of many sheets。
Second half,It is a high entry according to this odd book.,I have sorted thousands of skills。
The benevolent seeing the benevolence,He is a gambler,The first idea is the integration of the heart method。
Gaojin is gambling,Out of the way,Be unable to defeat!
Liao Wenjie is not a gambler,He is a Taoist,The first idea naturally how to put this method,Flexible use in Tao。