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What reason is this?

Black fog is gradually thus,The last sad grief ends,Thorough disappeared between heaven and earth。
“Forget,The small horns did not bear to kill you,Decided to borrow the hand of the future……”
Liao Wenjie,Feeling that you are too warm,In order to let two ghosts,Didn’t tell the truth of betrayal,Leave the pain of your backbone before you die。
in addition,Small horns is really too pit,I don’t want to be a bad person.,Stay trouble on the later generation,Take yourself and forever、After the ghosts and righteous name。
Don’t want to think,The two ghosts caused volcanic earthquakes,Biaher neon is also in the Horizontal Volcano,Mission,Then people don’t eat。
It’s good to have his enthusiastic person.,The strength is just a little more than two ghosts.,Otherwise, if you can roll, what is the hurricane,No, no need to wait until the day,More don’t wait until2012,Small island is sinking。
Three thousand financial resources aiming at the reward of the eye system,Liao Wenjie 嘀 门 门 门,A flash disappears in the same place。
Queen Hotel,Top suites。
Entry lights,Wardrobe cabinet door open,I didn’t even put the paint drawers in the big dress.,Confirm that all hidden corners are all illuminated,By the way, the curtain is closed,Let the whole room bright as white。
Living room sofa,Three women’s knees,I love to sit in the middle,Hold an arm in one hand,Opposite TV is very large,Playing funny programs。
Have not yet from the shadow of the 子,Three women can only use this way to transfer attention。
At this time,Funny program appears below,Is about the volcanic earthquake in Sanyuan Mountain,Three women see a glimpse,Sanyan Mountain daily trembles,Nothing is so strange,The key is that the Sanyuan Mountain is looking at the Yumei Peninsula.,Really earthquake,It is likely to affect here。
Didn’t wait for them to discuss how long,Another side of the subtitle,Earthquake early warning of Sanyan Mountain。
Neon,This situation belongs to the regular operation,Three women don’t think too much,The situation is over the discussion of the earthquake。
There are many questions about Liao Wenjie to tears.,Self-employed girlfriend’s identity,Don’t want to teach the wild,A person is full of hard work, if there is no matter。
“Big sister,Sister,About TV,I wanted to ask before.,Will not suddenly lose power,Whole room is dark,Only TV beating snowflakes,Then white clothes……Hoot……”
Topic is too dead,Come to tears directly cover your own sister’s crow mouth,Threat to let her honest,Otherwise I will thrown into the bathroom,Lock and close the power switch。
One heard this,I’m always honest.,Two sounds:“what,what,I just opened a joke.,Ambitious atmosphere。Moreover,My brother-in-law has already destroyed the girl.,impossible……”
Room ring,The atmosphere in the house is a cold,Come to tears and turn to the clock,At 8 o’clock in the evening。
Liao Wenjie said that the fastest will come back in the morning.,More than three hours,It is impossible to be him。Queen Hotel is an industry that come to life.,The top first floor is only a family member and a friend,Not rental,There is also a guest who does not exist.,Don’t have a waiter to come over。
So the problem is coming.,Who is knocking on the door?
Three women face each other,The intermittent knocking sound is like the footsteps of the dead,In the ear,Stepping on the heart,Qiqi praised mouth。
Take a short while,Knock on the door stop,Three women have not come and have a breath,咔嚓 嚓 轻 响 轻,The door is directly unsained。
Cool wind in the house,Blow three women’s head,I have a consciousness in fear.。
Come to life:)`?′(
Damn oppression,It is strong to distort the world!
“No way,This is only for a long time,The feelings between you are so good.?”
Liao Wenjie walks into the house,Situctation to see a scene on the sofa,And then Tucao:“Let’s let go of people,Little love is still young,Under this pressure,What are you rushing?。”