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“He Sheng,You please!”

Chen Xiu followed the gambling king into the warehouse and was immediately shocked by the first collection inside.,I finally understand why He Rongsheng uses a warehouse for his collection,Ordinary villas really can’t fit these things。
This is not the first time Chen Xiu has visited the rich collection,Like his master Zhang Haishan’s collection,Is using a garage as a storage room,The collection is expensive and no more;
Ye Hongfei and Tang Ren used the first-floor villa at home as a storage room,The collection is about one word,As for whether it is a boutique, it is hard to say;
Gong Changchun’s collection is different from the three,He pays attention to the artistic value of the collection itself,Regardless of the price。
But the collection here is different from the four of them,In general is one“Big”word!
What caught Chen Xiu’s eyes was a house!
Not that kind of pocket house,But a whole house,White wall、Blue brick、Grey rubble resolutely an ancient Hui-style building is in front of Chen Xiu。
He Shouheng saw Chen Xiu’s mouth closed in surprise,Can’t help but smile:“This house was built during the Jiaqing Daoguang reign,Very Hui-style architecture,In the early yearsZThe government will be demolished and rebuilt,My dad got it,Can’t bear such an antique building being razed to the ground,I bought it and demolished it back to Australia Island。”
“This……How much is this!”
obviously,Collecting this house is also the proud work of the gambling king,Among so many rich collectors,What blue and white collection、Famous painting、There are not a few copybooks,But he can say that it is not only Xia who collects a whole house,The world is unique。
“I bought this house in the 1980s,It didn’t cost much,It only took 30,000 dollars to take it down!”
“but,I wanted to rebuild this house as it is,Bringing it back to Ao Island cost more than ten times the price of buying a house。”
“When demolishing,I let workers use cameras,Take pictures of every brick in this house,When dismantling, take pictures and number while dismantling,It took a year to remove the tape before and after,It took forty largest containers to transport this compound back to Australia Island。”
“Then it took a year,Dozens of workers rebuilt this courtyard!”